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Josh Thomson left UFC because all main events are five rounds

Esther Lin

If my boss asked me to work an extra two hours for the same pay, I’d tell him to go spit.

That’s probably why I can appreciate Josh Thomson’s decision to leave Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), not long after the promotion made all headlining fights five, five-minute rounds, regardless of whether or not they were for a championship.

“The Punk” ain’t no punk, according to his conversation with Rapid Fire:

“I didn’t leave just because of the Reebok deal, I left because they (UFC) made all main event fights five rounds. If I’m fighting in title fights or main events, those two extra rounds whether it’s in the UFC or Bellator are knocking years off of my life just to fight. It’s time for me to make money. You’re training for five rounds, five rounds of Jiu-Jitsu, five rounds of wrestling, five rounds of sparring, five rounds of stand-up. You’re cutting your career down and you’re not getting paid any more than you were before.”

Thomson, who once held gold in Strikeforce, left UFC to sign with Bellator MMA.

He’s not alone, as many fighters from past and present generations are testing free agency, or simply rebounding with the Viacom-owned combat sports promotion after competing inside the Octagon.

Where a five-round fight can pay you in gold.

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