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Dan Henderson willing to repeat controversial second punch after knocking out Michael Bisping in UFC 204 rematch

When Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping first went to war at UFC 100 back in 2009, “Hendo” ended their middleweight contest — which concluded their run as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 3 — by way of devastating H-bomb.

Bisping was stiff as a board by the time he hit the canvas; however, Henderson followed it up with a flying forearm, “just to shut him up a little bit,” which drew a fair share of criticism.

And he’ll do it again if the situation calls for it, according to his conversation with

"It's more than likely. I did it before I fought him, against Wanderlei (Silva) and maybe one or two other guys, just to make sure they're done. It's the quickest way I know how to get from point A to point B, to jump on them. I'll absolutely finish up with a punch or two if I knock him down, to make sure the fight is over. There is no ill will there, you know. I don't wish him any permanent harm or anything, I just want to make sure that I win the fight."

If he does, that would make him UFC middleweight champion.

That’s because Bisping captured the crown in a surprise performance at UFC 199 back in June, one that saw “The Count” strip the strap from Luke Rockhold by way of bookie-busting knockout.

History may repeat itself at UFC 204 next month in Manchester, but will the highlight-reel finish belong to champion, or challenger?

We’ll find out in roughly two weeks.

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