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Chael Sonnen teases Bellator debut fight against Tito Ortiz on Nov. 19 in San Jose

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Chael Sonnen is now a Bellator MMA fighter and he is wasting no time in trying to pick a fight.

During a recent conference call, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) two-time middleweight title contender declared his intention to go around and kick as much ass as he could during his "Legends Ass-Kicking" tour, which includes targets such as Quinton Jackson and Fedor Emelianenko.

However, as he reiterated during his visit to The MMA Hour, the first person on his hit list is Tito Ortiz, as he officially called him out, saying all he needs is the contract in front of him to make it official.

And he already has a time and place set.

"I am on a legends ass-kicking tour and I’m starting with Tito Ortiz on November 19. All I need is a contract. This could not be any more of an official callout. I don’t have the linguistic ability to call someone out more articulately or clear. If Tito does not want to accept, I will never bully him again. I’m not here to pick on him. I will take a ‘no’ as a default and I will move on. But for right now, my message for you is that on Nov. 19, ‘The Bad Boy,’ vs. ‘The Bad Guy.’"

For Sonnen, while he says he’s aware of the "truck full of excuses" Tito often brings to the table for not winning a fight, he is confident Ortiz will keep his word and show come fight night.

A fight that "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" -- who was last seen losing to Liam McGeary over a year ago --  is keen on accepting.

As part of his new and perhaps final run in the sport of MMA, Sonnen feels a responsibility to not only help himself, but the up-and-coming fighters competing on the undercard to up their earnings, as well, as he remembers the time when it was he who was struggling.

"I got a job to do and that’s the bottom line. I’m a company guy and I don’t try to come in, take all the money and leave town. I’m a capitalist but I have a very systematic approach to fighting. There are guys on the undercard that aren’t going to be getting any money and the guys on the top of the bill have got to have a trickle down effect and look out for everybody else. I see some of these scumbags now, they try to grab all the money and run away and go, ‘All the attention is on me.’ You are not totally wrong on that, you are bringing in the dollars, but it’s still family here. You got a group, it doesn’t matter if it’s your opponent, your enemy or some guy that’s trying to live his dream. The show doesn’t go on with just two guys. Yeah, I got a job to do and I’ll do it and deliver."

As far as contract details, Sonnen didn't spill much, but did say that one of his first meetings with Bellator MMA boss Scott Coker, the head cheese simply told him not to "shop him" and that his contract offer was going to be his first and best offer.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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