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Racist UFC fans are still mad that Tyron Woodley is ‘The Chosen One’

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Tyron Woodley captured the 170-pound crown by knocking out ex-division kingpin Robbie Lawler in the UFC 201 main event, which took place in late July in Atlanta, Georgia.

While there can be a discussion about the path of least resistance, in regards to how his title shot came to be, Woodley validated his place in line with a “Ruthless” drubbing in “The Peach State.” It wasn’t a controversial decision, or untimely injury, it was a blistering knockout.

And some mixed martial arts (MMA) fans — particularly the racist douchebags — can’t handle it, according to comments “The Chosen One” made on his latest podcast (via MMA Fighting):

"Just as a champion, I can tell you from experience that being the champion, the last three weeks of my life have been the complete opposite of what you think it would be... I've had so many people say, ‘You P-U-S-S-Y. You're scared of this person!' And I'm like, I just fought an hour ago. I just got the belt. I haven't even had - ‘you should be stripped of the belt' - and it hasn't even been a month. Actually it's a month today that I won the belt...

"Then I've had people call me ‘n***er' and monkey and all this racist stuff. And I delete the people so they'll create another page and just go back out. People are willing to take so many hours of their day to be so negative... Some people, I look at their page and all they do all day is go against African-American athletes and try to racially slur them."

Listen to his podcast in full here.

In addition to the disgruntled fanbase Woodley is also feeling the heat from his fellow welterweights. Chief among them is top contender Stephen Thompson, who wants his shot at the title before the champ starts shopping around for super fights.

Or tomatoes.

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