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‘Scary!’ Cris Cyborg needs to cut 25 pounds in four days for UFC Fight Night 95 main event

Esther Lin

Here we go again.

Cris Cyborg is all set to headline her first-ever Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event, as she will take on Lina Lansberg in the main event of UFC Fight Night 95, which will be contested at a catchweight of 140 pounds in Brasilia, Brazil, this Saturday (Sept. 24, 2016) on FOX Sports 1.

But Cyborg — the current Featherweight Invicta FC champion -- revealed on The MMA Hour that just four days away from weigh-ins, she is 25 pounds above the contracted fighting weight and has another brutal weight cut ahead of her.

To hear her tell it, her nutritionist George Lockhart, albeit knowledgeable in the weight-cutting arena, suggested she take birth control pills this time around to help with the process.

Something she admits puzzled her, but went along with.

"This camp I don’t touch 150. It’s really scary. I was looking in the mirror and I say man, ‘I work double and I don’t know why I don’t tough the 50’s.’ Something I did different in this camp, is to take birth control. I don’t know why I take this, we were successful last fight. It was really hard but we did. But George had a plan and he say you take this birth control and now I am 168. I wake up 165 (today). Yes, I know (it seems unhealthy). I train really hard, I run everyday and train hard everyday. I eat everything George give to me. If it’s less or if it’s more. I worry about it because this is my main event and I will do 100-percent to do my best. It’s not just me head on the line, it’s George’s work."

As evidenced by this video footage, Cyborg struggled mightily to make 140 pounds for her fight agaisnt Leslie Smith at UFC 198 last May. But she tipped the scales at 139 pounds, though one wouldn’t dare call it a healthy 139 pounds.

When asked why she’s putting her body through the rough process in order to compete at 140 pounds, Cyborg says it’s all for her fans and because she simply loves her job.

Still, she is confused as to why there still isn’t a 145-pound women's division in UFC — and won’t be in the near future. She was, though, confident in saying that is she was a blue-eyed blonde pleading to make it happen, things may be different.

"I don’t understand it either. I think if I had had blonde hair and blue eyes I would have my division. But, I am really upset about this becasue the girl I fight with is 145 pounds and she has to lose weight. My team see her and she has to lose weight, too, and it’s hard for her, too. I said I want to make 140 becasue I want to make super fights. Give me the top 10, top girls. People keep telling me my division have bullshit girls and 135 does not. Why is mine bullshit? My division has a lot of girls, Bellator have 145 girls, Invicta has a lot of girls. I don’t think this is an excuse. I am doing my job and I am doing this for my fans. My fans want to watch me in UFC and they appreciate my last fight. Because of this I am doing this. It’s really hard for me and sometimes I say I don’t want to do this anymore. But I love my job and I make 140 for my fans to do super fights."

Weight-cutting has always been a controversial topic in mixed martial arts (MMA), especially with more and more reported cases of failed weight cuts, some that have even lead to death.

Still, Cyborg is determined to see it through, as she has four days to shed 25 pounds for hie first-ever UFC headlining duties. And while one can appreciate her doing it all for her fans, one can’t help but to also wonder if the risks she is taking is worth it.

What say you?

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