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UFC launches investigation following fighter’s domestic violence arrest

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Alex Nicholson found himself on the hot seat last month for his racially insensitive remarks toward Hyun Gyu Lim while working the corner at UFC 202 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When it rains, it pours.

Turns out Nicholson was also arrested on allegations of domestic violence last May, after an altercation with his girlfriend outside a Florida convenience store ended with “The Spartan” getting cuffed and stuffed.

The official statement from UFC, courtesy of MMA Fighting:

"UFC reviewed the matter in question and noted that the State Attorney of Florida declined to proceed with a case against Alex Nicholson, and the case was dismissed. UFC takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously and will refer all information to a third-party law firm for additional review. UFC is committed to thoroughly exploring all allegations and taking appropriate actions following the completion of a third-party investigation."

Nicholson’s girlfriend failed to appear in court and the case was dismissed.

Cases of domestic violence, regrettably, are not unusual in the world of sports and UFC has been forced to confront its share of incidents (like this one). And it’s not confined to just the guys!

“The Spartan” is scheduled to return to action next month in the Philippines.

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