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UFC Fight Night 94 results from last night: Evan Dunham vs Rick Glenn fight review, analysis

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight scrappers Evan Dunham and Rick Glenn battled last night (Sept. 17, 2016) at UFC Fight Night 94 inside State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas.

Dunham has really put it together in his last few performances, showing off improved striking and wrestling to rise into the rankings. Opposite a UFC newcomer, Dunham was in the unenviable position of squaring off with a dangerous but fairly unknown athlete. This was a big opportunity for Rick Glenn. The former World Series of Fighting champion has scored some big wins in his career, but a short-notice victory over a ranked opponent a weight class up would make a major statement.

It didn’t work out.

Dunham pretty much accomplished everything and anything he wanted to in the opening round. Early on, he landed some nice extended combinations, but he didn’t waste time in level changing into a slick double leg and driving his opponent into the mat.

From top position, Dunham showed his jiu-jitsu mastery by mixing ground strikes and passes. He took his opponent’s back quickly, and Dunham very nearly finished the choke before the end of the round.

Glenn showed a ton of heart to survive, but he wasn’t able to prove much else. Glenn landed a sharp cross to start the round, but Dunham put him on his back not long after. Dunham continued to hunt for front chokes, but Glenn was able to escape back to his feet this time. Though Glenn was able to keep it standing (mostly), the damage and amount of grappling definitely took its toll on the short-notice replacement. While he was soundly out-worked in the clinch and by combinations, Glenn did get some punches of his own it.

On the whole, Dunham put a beating on him.

Both men were tired heading into the third round, with Glenn exhausted from eating punches and Dunham tired from throwing so many. The fight quickly devolved into a brawl, as Glenn pushed forward trying to make something happen.

Unfortunately, he was far too tired to fight effectively. Glenn hung around in the pocket and threw punches, but Dunham was still able to out-land him by quite a bit.

It was a violent, bloody contest.

This was another dominant victory for Evan Dunham. He showed off his complete MMA game, throwing a ton of combinations at range, landing damaging blows inside the clinch, and nearly finishing with multiple submissions.

Dunham has really come a long way.

Additionally, Dunham showed excellent pressure in this bout. His attack never really stopped, and he used the aggression to create openings for his takedowns. Once on the mat, his size and jiu-jitsu advantage let him take control. Following this win, his fourth in a row, Dunham deserves to fight an opponent ranked above him. For example, a fight with Gilbert Melendez would make sense.

This was obviously not Glenn’s ideal debut. Up a weight class on short-notice, the odds were definitely stacked against him, so it’s hard to really criticize his performance.

On the bright side, Glenn definitely showed off his toughness and heart. Glenn hung in there through deep choke attempts, flurries, and even some high kicks. His strongest round was actually the third, as the kickboxer dug deep to stand his ground and trade punches with his veteran foe.

It was a losing battle, but he put forth a respectable effort.

Last night, Evan Dunham smashed his opponent for three rounds in a strong showing. How high in the Lightweight division can Dunham climb?

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