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Julianna Pena: Scared Amanda Nunes is hiding her belt, waiting for broken 'Honda' Rousey

Let's just get right to it:

#TBT Amanda is ducking me!! She's waiting to fight Honda. #FIGHTME! I don't blame her because she knows Honda is the easiest fight in the division now. She's broken. She's the easiest pay day for Amanda. Amanda is sitting on the sideline as the "champ" when all the girls before her didn't! Holly and Miesha are true fighters. They didn't wait. They didn't hide their belts and wait for a pay day. They fought. They acted like the champion should. They looked at the next toughest girl in line and said 'let's find out who's best' like a #champion should. That's how Amanda got her shot! Had they waited for Honda, there's no Holly v. Miesha and that amazing dramatic finish that will be remembered for years! There's no Miesha v. Amanda HEADLINING historic UFC 200! None of that happens if these women stopped and hid their belts and waited for Honda!! Now we have a chance to fight at the first @ufc event EVER at #MSG and you want to sit and wait?! Be a true #champ and get in the cage and prove you're the champ! If Amanda thinks she can beat me, then what is she waiting for? The fact is she is ducking me. She's #scared and she should be! I'm the only #undefeated #girl on the #bantamweight roster that has not lost in the #ufc #octagon! 7-0. I'm fighting Amanda next ! Get your popcorn ready and if you don't believe me ? bet against me and lose the farm then! #quitplayin #quitduckin #dontbescaredhomey #JuliannaPeña #HeartGritDisciplineDetermination #YouCantStopMe #RealTalk @Amanda_leoa #WeAintNewToThisWeTrueToThis #LatinaHeat

A photo posted by Julianna Nicole Peña (@venezuelanvixen) on

She forgot the #FatArms hashtag.

The real reason Amanda Nunes -- according to "Lioness" herself -- won't fight "Venezuelan Vixen" can be found right here.

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