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Bellator 161 results: LIVE 'Kongo vs Johnson' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

Bellator 161: "Kongo vs. Johnson" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Sept. 16, 2016) from inside H-E-B Center in Cedar Park, Texas. The headlining fight tonight is a Heavyweight showdown between the streaking "Hulk" Tony Johnson and long-time veteran Cheick Kongo. In addition, Bantamweights Joe Warren and Sirwan Kakai collide in a critical rebound fight for both men, while Anastasia Yankova makes her United States debut against Veta Arteaga.

Bellator 161 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the "Prelims" undercard action airing on at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 161) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!

Cheick Kongo vs. Tony Johnson -- Kongo MD 28-28, 29-28 X2.
Joe Warren vs. Sirwan Kakai -- Warren via sub (neck crank) 1:04 R3.
Anastasia Yankova vs. Veta Arteaga -- Yankova SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Derek Campos vs. Djamil Chan -- Campos UD 29-28 X3.
Kenya Miranda vs. Emily Ducote -- Miranda via sub (armbar) 4:37 R2.
Mark Dickman vs. Daniel Pineda -- Pineda via sub (RNC) 2:07 R3.
Tommy Burghart vs. Armando Villareal -- Villareal via sub (RNC) 2:08 R1.
Sean Clements vs. David Ramirez -- Clements via UD 30-26, 30-27 X2.
Garrett Scott vs. Waylon Bronstrup -- Scott via sub (RNC) 0:50 R1.
Matt Mazurek vs. Jose Guerra -- Mazurek via SD 29-28, 30-27, 28-29.
Deuce King vs. Rey Trujillo -- Trujillo via sub (reverse arm triangle) 1:20 R1.
Nick Gonzalez vs. Warren Stewart -- Gonzalez via SD 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.


Cheick Kongo vs. Tony Johnson

Round 1: Johnson arrives first for the main event. He's got on gray trunks and blue gloves and sports a 10-2 record. Kongo has on black trunks with white trim and red gloves sporting a career record of 24-10-2. Johnson fights out of Nashville, Tennessee and Kongo fights out of Paris, France. Our referee is John McCarthy. Both men respectfully tapped gloves during fighter instructions so they go straight to action at the bell, with Kongo immediately Johnson into the fence to throw knees. Johnson turns him around and looks to drop levels. McCarthy calls time and gives Kongo a warning for a left knee to the cup 90 seconds in. Action resumes with Johnson trying to break through the reach advantage with an overhand right, then go for a takedown against the fence. Johnson makes Kongo carry his weight as he fires knees at Kongo's legs. McCarthy keeps an eye out for low blows and calls for more work at the three minute mark. Kongo lands knees to the body and sidesteps looking to get free. McCarthy does that for him with a reset at 3:45. Kongo lands a jab and a good kick. Johnson lands an overhand right and goes for a takedown. Kongo blocks it and turns him around, getting the takedown and a full mount at 4:30. Johnson covers up and survives. 10-9 Kongo.

Round 2: Johnson gets a takedown 15 seconds into R2. Kongo scoots his butt toward the cage but Johnson turns him away and gets the hooks in on Kongo's back. He's trying hard to sink in the rear naked choke but Kongo is leaning backward against his opponent and the fence to block it. Every time it looks like he might have it Kongo dips his chin again. It's hard to imagine McCarthy standing them up when Johnson has such a dominant position but this is a stalemate right now. The crowd would like to see more action though. Johnson gets trying to soften him up with shots from behind. Kongo tries to sweep and Johnson gets full mount at 4:08. If he can posture up and do damage this could be a finish but time is running out. McCarthy calls for work with 15 seconds left but the bell will stand them up anyway. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 3: Johnson misses on a takedown attempt early and Kongo drops to his knees looking for one of his own. Johnson widens his stands and punches the ribs. Kongo finally gets Johnson down and gets half guard, and if Johnson can't get back up this could be the fight. Kongo is doing just enough to not be stood up. Johnson gets his back to the fence at 2:10. Kongo recognizes it and tries to grab his left leg and yank Johnson back to the mat. The crowd boos and McCarthy calls for more work. He calls again at 2:58 just as Johnson starts to stand. He's to his feet at 3:21 and Kongo fires off knees. Kongo dumps him hard at 3:35. Johnson is out of both time and options. McCarthy calls for work at 4:24 but standing them up now will not help Johnson. He doesn't anyway so it's academic.

Final result: 28-28, 29-28, 29-28 for Cheick Kongo by majority decision.


Joe Warren vs. Sirwan Kakai

Round 1: Kakai is 12-4 and 26, Warren is 13-5 and 39. Kakai fights out of Gothenburg, Sweden in the red trunks. Warren fights out of Monument, Colorado in the blue trunks. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy. They tap gloves and we're underway. Warren throws right hands and ties Kakai up against the fence. Kakai reverses and goes for a single leg. Warren turns it back around, gets Kakai to the ground and looks to take the back. Kakai gets back up and grapples with Warren against the fence. Warren turns him into the cage and Kakai widens his stance. Warren drops down and eats some elbows in the process. They trade knees. Warren keeps digging for a takedown but Kakai finally turns him around at 3:08 and gets the takedown 10 seconds later. Kakai tries to accumulate damage with left hands and elbows as Warren looks to tie him up. McCarthy calls for work at 4:10 and Kakai stands up. Warren goes for a takedown and eats a flurry of elbows to the head. Kakai turns him into the fence and delivers several knees. 10-9 Kakai.

Round 2: Warren lands a nice right hand and follows it up with a takedown at 26 seconds. Kakai gets up and gives up his back in the process. Warren can't secure the rear naked choke though and lets it go to reset. Leg kick by Kakai. Warren tries a spinning kick pivoting on his hand but doesn't connect. Warren goes hard for a single then drives Kakai to the cage when he changes to a double, and the two shift heads and arms looking for the leverage advantage. More knees are exchanged. Warren drops down but the takedown isn't there - a left knee to Kakai's chin is. He gets on top and starts dropping right hands and elbows but Kakai goes for an armbar and has it pretty deep. Warren puts a knee on Kakai's back and is able to pull out, drop hammers, and take the back with a minute left looking for a rear naked choke. He lets it go when Kakai doesn't tap and rides the back until the bell. 10-9 Warren.

Round 3: Warren lands another knee to Kakai's nose and the blood starts gushing. Kakai goes for a leg trip but Warren grabs a power guillotine in response and cranks it on deep -- Kakai submits at 1:04.

Final result: Joe Warren wins via submission (neck crank) at 1:04 of the third round.


Anastasia Yankova vs. Veta Arteaga

Round 1: Arteaga has the blue gloves and Yankova the red. Arteaga is 2-0, Yankova is 3-0. Arteaga fights out of Boise, Idaho and Yankova fights out of Moscow, Russia. Our referee is Kerry Hatley. Arteaga comes out swinging and forces Yankova to exchange, she gets clipped at least once, but weathers the storm of the first 30 seconds. Yankova is tagged again by several right hands and Arteaga has her in big trouble. Arteaga backs up and resets at 90 seconds. Yankova is barely moving at this point, taking little steps only when she has to, which isn't surprising given her knees got buckled several times. Arteaga clinches with her at 2:47 and Yankova puts her back on the fence, which she needs desperately to recover. Arteaga turns her around and they break at 3:18. Arteaga dances forward looking to land a big shot and Yankova briefly backs her off with kicks. Yankova clinches up again and lands a right elbow over the top. Arteaga tried to grab the clinch but Yankova fended it off well. A light "U-S-A" chant breaks out. Yankova and Arteaga trade again and Yankova tries to come over the top with elbows. 10-9 Arteaga.

Round 2: Arteaga has no fear of stepping into the pocket. Yankova is again trying to keep the range with her height and leg kicks. It doesn't work as Arteaga slams a right into her head again. They clinch up and Yankova pushes Arteaga into the cage. Arteaga turns her around and momentarily has the clinch. She backs off at 1:33. Arteaga has a lot of bounce and quickness in her step, and lands a hard right hand at 2:02. So much for this fight being a jiu-jitsu battle on the ground. Arteaga clobbers her at least four times in 20 seconds and even tries a spinning backfist and once again Yankova puts her on the cage. Arteaga turns her around at 3:01 and backs away 14 seconds later. Leg kick by Yankova. Yankova throws high and Arteaga ties her up. Yankova tries to get the clinch and instead turns Arteaga around for some blows. Hatley keeps staring at them like a deer in the headlights. Yankova is bleeding from the mouth and eats another big flurry to end R2. 10-9 Arteaga.

Round 3: Yankova manages to land a kick on Arteaga's face as she's coming forward but it doesn't stun her. They tie up on the fence and Arteaga punches her way free at 56 seconds. Arteaga tries another spinning backfist as Yankova closes the distance. Arteaga clears the fence at 1:42 and immediately lands a right. Yankova tries to brawl her way into the clinch and Arteaga's free at 2:19. Yankova tries a spinning backfist of her own. She puts Arteaga back on the fence again and Arteaga turns her around and backs out at 3:10. Now it's Arteaga who pushes her opponent to the fence at 3:27 and forces Yankova to clear. Yankova comes forward with kicks and strikes at 3:47 and she puts a good left on Arteaga's chin. They keep clinching and breaking, and this strategy may have been enough to win Yankova R3 10-9, but she's got to pray a couple of judges gave her R2 as well.

Final result: The judges score the fight 29-28 Arteaga, 29-28 Yankova, 29-28 for Yankova by split decision.


Derek Campos vs. Djamil Chan

Round 1: Chan is 12-2 and hails from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Campos is 16-6 and hails from Lubbock, Texas. Our referee in charge is Nick Wright. Campos sports the red gloves tonight and Chan the blue, and they touch them together to open our fight. The first 30 seconds is both men trying to land power shots, stepping right into each other's pocket to throw shots with bad intentions. No quarter given, no quarter earned. Campos slowly inches Chan to the outer ring as chases with head strikes and Chan wisely covers up. Every once in a while Campos gets a big left hand through. Chan uses a body kick to try and slow Campos down. Chan is landing good right hands as counter strikes and then knocks Campos down with an uppercut left hook at 2:59. Campos recovers almost as he bounces off the mat but when he gets back up his wits can't all be there. Chan lands a couple more rights and Campos weathers the storm - for now. Campos continues to come forward aggressively, then shoots for a very late takedown he doesn't get. 10-9 Chan.

Round 2: Campos is immediately trying to turn it into a brawl again. Chan tags him over the top with a right at 1:01 then covers up for the return fire. Chan is also attacking the lead left leg of Campos with kicks. Chan is content to let Campos be the aggressor and pick his shots once Campos is in range, but he might be giving up points to judges who think Campos is more active and exercising more cage control. Campos lands a good left at 3:15. Enough shots are getting through in the latter half of this round to tip it in Campos' favor. Chan's methodical strategy that paid dividends in R1 hasn't done so in R2. Campos gets a takedown at 4:45 to seal the round. 10-9 Campos.

Round 3: Campos continues to come forward to open R3. He's mixing in leg kicks and uppercuts. Campos hits a big takedown at 1:20 into side control. Chan wraps a right arm around Campos' neck trying to hold him down, and Campos lifts him up and slams him down repeatedly. Campos finally peels him off at 2:35. Chan nearly gets back up but Campos reasserts the top game and grinds on his face with the right elbow. Campos uses his free left arm for body and head shots. Campos pulls his left through to side control at 3:58. Knees to the body as the time ticks away and Chan can't shake him off. Campos is told to get busy and lets Chan up at 4:47 as he tries to transition. Chan is unable to capitalize in the closing seconds. 10-9 Campos.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 unanimously for Derek Campos.


Kenya Miranda vs. Emily Ducote

Round 1: 127 pounds catchweight. Miranda is 2-2 and hails from Belo Horizonte, Brazil in the red trunks and white top. Ducote is 3-1 in the gray trunks and top from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Kerry Hatley is the referee. Ducote lands a big right hand, ties up with Miranda, and pushes her into the fence. Miranda throws knees as Ducote looks for a possible takedown. She's giving up both height and weight to Miranda in this fight. Miranda continues to fire off knees to the body as the time ticks away -- two minutes gone. Ducote finally backs off at 2:40 having gained nothing. Miranda fires off kicks and Ducote tries to respond with her hands. Ducote pushes her into the fence again at 3:10. Ducote gets off a few good hands after breaking off at 3:49 then pushes right back against the cage. Miranda moves away at 4:15 and Ducote throws an overhand right before they tie up again. Ducote has landed a lot of sneaky left hands and elbows in the clinch the last two minutes but the round can go either way.

Round 2: 23 seconds in Ducote has Miranda against the fence but Miranda spins her around. Ducote turns her back and the two women jockey for position. Miranda works free at 1:28 and starts throwing kicks. Ducote puts a right hand on her chin, and another, and Ducote puts her on the fence again at 2:07. Ducote finally gets a takedown at 2:25 and quickly moves to full mount. Ducote moves to side control at 2:58 and starts grinding on Miranda with elbows. She gets the crucifix and starts wailing with right hands then moves back to full mount at 3:52 for more ground and pound. Miranda tries to sweep but Ducote rolls with her and ends up right back on top in mount with under a minute left. Ducote jumps to grab the armbar and taps Miranda out with 23 seconds left.

Final result: Emily Ducote wins via submission (armbar) at 4:37 of the second round.


Mark Dickman vs. Daniel Pineda

Round 1: Dickman is 11-2, blue gloves, fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Pineda is 21-12, red gloves, fighting out of Houston, Texas. Our referee in charge is Nick Wright. Pineda takes the center and throws a big right as Dickman dances away. Pineda charges forward with a flurry and Dickman moves out of range. They clinch and Dickman throws him to the ground at 43 seconds. Pineda gets back to his knees at 1:12 but Dickman jumps on his back and forces Pineda to give up half guard and avoid Dickman getting the hooks in. Dickman works toward side control and then jumps to North-South, then back to side control at 2:17. Pineda tries to post off the fence with his feet and Dickman goes for his back again to once again force half guard. Dickman tries to pull his leg over to side, Pineda sits up, and he finally stands up at 3:11. Dickman tries to drag him back to the ground and Pineda hits reverse right elbows to the head. Try as he may he can't shake Dickman, who pulls him down, then jumps on his back as he stands at 3:54. Pineda finally slips out with 38 seconds left. Pineda goes for a trip at the very last second. 10-9 Dickman.

Round 2: Pineda tries to push the pace early and force Dickman to the outside, but Dickman responds with a spin kick and a right. Pineda tries a flying knee but it doesn't connect. Pineda knocks Dickman off his feet with a leg kick and tries a cartwheel kick. Dickman throws a high kick. Pineda is trying to back Dickman up to the fence. Dickman spins and ends up on the ground but is looking for a takedown as Pineda looks to throw knees. Dickman breaks away at 2:30 as Jimmy Smith debates whether Pineda threw an illegal knee on the ground. Pineda has Dickman's back and is going for a single leg. He gets Dickman down and lands one hammerfist as Dickman tries to roll, then gets both hooks in on his back with 80 seconds left. Pineda rolls on top as he continues to land hard shots. Dickman tries to get out and nearly gives up a guillotine in the process. 10-9 Pineda.

Round 3: Pineda quickly goes for a double leg to open the third round. Dickman defends well so Pineda switches to a single. He finally just muscles Dickman to the ground as Dickman goes for a kimura, he doesn't get it, then he sits up against the fence as Pineda tries to turn and get hooks in while softening up Dickman with the left hand. He gets both of those hooks in and a good body lock and Dickman has nowhere to go. He stands up, Pineda goes for the rear naked choke, and this fight is over.

Final result: Daniel Pineda wins via submission (RNC) at 2:07 of the third round.


Tommy Burghart vs. Armando Villareal

Round 1: Unaired before Spike TV.

Final result: Villareal wins via submission (RNC) at 2:08 of the first round.


Sean Clements vs. David Ramirez

Round 1: Unaired before Spike TV.

Final result: Clements wins via unanimous decision of 30-26, 30-27, 30-27.


Garrett Scott vs. Waylon Bronstrup

Round 1: Three minutes rounds. Yellow trunks, 0-0 for Bronstrup out of Waylon, Texas. Black trunks, 1-0 for Scott out of Austin, Texas. John McCarthy is in charge. Bronstrup lands some leg kicks early before the two men tie up and Scott moves to take his back and cinch up a rear naked choke. It goes to the ground and McCarthy is taking a close look - he stops the fight at 50 seconds.

Final result: Garrett Scott via submission (rear naked choke) at 0:50 of the first round.


Matt Mazurek vs. Jose Guerra

Round 1: Unaired before Spike TV.

Final result: Mazurek wins a split decision of 29-28, 30-27, 28-29.


Deuce King vs. Rey Trujillo

Round 1: Unaired before Spike TV.

Final result: Trujillo wins via submission (reverse arm triangle) at 1:20 of the first round.


Nick Gonzalez vs. Warren Stewart

Round 1: Unaired before Spike TV.

Final result: Gonzalez wins a split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.


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