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'Pissed' Max Holloway goes nuts on 'scared' Jose Aldo, claims 'Junior' was stricken with 'p-ssyitis'

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It’s one thing to call another organization a bunch of "pussies," it’s an entirely different story when you do it to your own colleagues.

Top UFC featherweight Max Holloway wasn’t holding back during his recent explosive interview with FOX Sports, as the Hawaiian unloaded after he caught wind that interim 145-pound champion Jose Aldo would rather fight Anthony Pettis than him.

"There's an outbreak in the UFC. An outbreak of freaking pussyitis. A lot of fucking guys. You tell me what the hell is going on with the UFC," said an irate Holloway.

"I'm just as blown away as you are right now. He's over here talking about business. You want to talk about business? The money fight in the 45 division right now of course is Conor, but they keep talking about him fighting Eddie Alvarez. There's one guy left, you want to talk about the money fight, talk about me. Talk about Max Holloway. You talk about the 145 division you talk about Max Holloway. Yeah to talk about Jose Aldo, he won the interim title. But there is no talk going on with Max Holloway's name on it. It’s tripping me out, why do you want to fight a guy, yeah he is a former champion, but that’s it, he’s a former champion. Everybody wants to keep living in the past."

Owner of a nine-fight win streak, Max recently declared that he’d love to get a shot at the title be it the official one held by Conor McGregor or the interim strap currently around Aldo’s waist.

So you can understand why "Blessed" is a bit irritated that the interim champ would rather face someone who has only one victory in the division instead of him. Plus, he’s outraged that nobody seems to want to fight him, preferring to pick easy fights.

"There comes a time when you have to put your foot down, it's time to put your foot down," Holloway said. "So many people trying to get easy fights. If I was Jose or I was Conor, I wouldn't fight me either. I would not. I say this and then I think 'oh no I would' because I want the fucking hardest fights. I don't want easy fights. I don't want no shortcuts. So many people nowadays trying to do shortcuts. Fuck your shortcuts. I'm over here fighting the damn best guys in the fucking world. My last four or five guys I fought, they're all still ranked," he proclaimed

"I'm just fucking pissed off and fired up. Nobody wants it. Everybody acts like they want it until they're locked in the cage with me and they find out soon enough what the hell is going on."

Interestingly enough, Pettis had previously called out Max to a fight at UFC 205 on Nov. 12 in New York. But now that "Showtime" has been called out by Aldo, it would be pretty hard for him to pass over a shot at the title if given the chance.

For Max, that fight simply doesn’t make sense.

"If McGregor doesn't come back, Max Holloway and Aldo's the fight to make, but this guy's running scared. He talked about fighting me before, and I don’t know what changed," he said. "Face the music and come get yours."

"You lose a ton of respect for the guy. I thought this guy was champion. He ain't shit. He ain't shit now. I’m telling you right now he ain’t shit. He is saying what he is saying and he is losing his mind."

Still, a fight between Aldo and Pettis isn’t even close to being made, as everything is revolving on what Conor does next. If a lightweight title fight is in McGregor’s future, then it’s open season in the 145-pound division.

Which means Holloway still has a chance to ramp up his campaign in order to get the interim title fight against Jose over Pettis.

And this recent verbal tirade only helps his case.

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