Opinion: Three careers end in front of our very eyes at UFC 203

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The UFC 203: "Miocic vs. Overeem" pay-per-view (PPV) event, which took place last Saturday night (Sept. 10, 2016) in Cleveland, Ohio, was a mystery. It was weird. Not many will talk about it but really what we witnessed one fight after the next, was the sequential ending of careers.

Urijah Faber vs. Jimmie Rivera (highlights):

It isn't a surprise that Urijah is no spring chicken. He, like another on this list, is 37 years old. He has 43 fights and has lost three of his last four. "The California Kid" is far from a kid now. He also has failed to look like the kid in at least his last two fights. This performance at 203 had even his opponent questioning his techniques. I wanted Faber to shut the mouth of Cruz as much as the next guy, but it looks like he will have to count on his buddy Cody "No Love" Garbrandt for that in the near future. It was a great career for Urijah, but its time to hang up the cornrows.

Alistair Overeem vs. Stipe Miocic (highlights):

The "Demolition Man" had a glint of hope in the early minutes of the first and only round of his title fight at 203, but it was only a glint. A younger and more iron chinned man by the name of Stipe showed that too many fights takes its toll. The Reem has an incredible career of 57 fights to his name. Rogan even made comments to UFC brass about the Reem condition after the fight. He has won tons of accolades. He is one of the greats of MMA history, but if anything was shown at 203, its that he can no longer hang in there with the big guns. His chin has taken far too many shots. It is sad to say goodbye to a living legend of the MMA game.

CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall (highlights):

It was over long before it began. Someone who looks like they don't know what a double leg is cannot be in the UFC and at 37, Punk is not ready for the years it takes to get into the cage with any kind of legitimate hope. So in effect his career is over. Even UFC President Dana White is admitting that his next venture should probably take place elsewhere.

Gall's career is also over. This guy will brutally end him. It will be an embarrassment and he will be relegated back to the proper channels of a prelim/Fight Pass fighter. Gall made a mistake, but at least he had his moment in the sun. Goodbye Mickey, we barely knew you.

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