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Mickey Gall had crappy weight cut for CM Punk fight at UFC 203 … literally

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Mickey Gall made quick work of CM Punk at UFC 203, choking out the former WWE superstar-turned mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter halfway through the opening frame in Cleveland, Ohio (see it again here).

So why the rush?

It could have been for fear of crapping his pants, as the young up-and-coming contender revealed on The MMA Hour that he had a severe case of diarrhea the day of the fight thanks to a busted fridge in his hotel room, which spoiled his food.

"Everything went well, fight week went and everything was great out there. I did, now that you ask, I didn’t talk about this at all. I was having — excuse me -- but I was having diarrhea for my last three days there," revealed Gall.

"My last two days of my weight cut and the day of the fight. That got me nervous If I got this sick and this huge opportunity I’m going to have to really, I wasn’t going to pull out but I was worried I’d have to go through and wanting to crap my pants half the time. But come fight time, I felt good and there was nothing going to stop me."

As Mickey explained, his mom helps cook all the food, but it wasn’t until after he ate it did he realize that it went bad due to the fact that his refrigerator in his hotel room wasn’t working properly.

"I always prepare my own food, my mom does. She helps me out big time and she slaved in the kitchen cooking a lot of food that I bring out with no salt, good weight-cutting food. But the fridge I had in my room wasn’t good, and I think my food went bad. The fridge wasn’t too cold, so I ate these bad veggie burgers that gave me the shits."

It's safe to assume that if UFC returns to Cleveland, they are going to be looking for another host hotel.

As for the experience itself, Gall said the few minutes he spent inside the Octagon with Punk had to be the best of his life, though admittedly, he expected Punk to bum rush him like he did.

"I kind of expected it. I felt he felt I had something to prove. I’m a fighter, a tough fighter and once I get in there, I let my training take over. He crossed the line in my head as to how far he should be that I keep at a certain range. And when you come in that hot, I’m going to take you down. I just changed levels, took him down for coming in so aggressive and quick."

But that’s not where Gall wanted it to go initially, as he revealed he wanted to test his standup against Punk’s to prove his striking had been cleaned up thanks to his recent training camp.

And though he didn’t get the knockout win he wanted, he’ll take the victory, as he says it was his duty to the sport of MMA to get the win over the ex-WWE star.

"I 100-percent felt a strong obligation to make an example out of him. I felt indebted to my sport, to the veterans of my sport, everyone in my sport to go in there and dominate every second of that fight. 100-percent," he proclaimed.

As for his call out of Sage Northcutt, Gall said it’s nothing personal and he actually likes "Super," he simply wants to test his skills agaisnt another fellow "Lookin’ for a Fight" alum.

Regarding the official disclosed payout that revealed Punk’s half a million dollar payout to his $32,000, Gall wasn’t hating on the ex-wrestler one bit, saying that he deserves that kind of coin since he’s a superstar. And he also pointed out that without Punk, he may not be in the spot he’s currently in with UFC.

But, he is bummed CM made weight, as he was hoping he’d be off by a couple pounds so he could get 20-percent of $500,000.

Seriously, how can you not like this kid?

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