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UFC 203: Fabricio Werdum says he received an injection to ease pain of fractured foot two hours prior to Travis Browne fight

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

To say Fabricio Werdum's night at UFC 203 in Cleveland Ohio on Saturday (Sept. 10, 2016) was an interesting one would be an understatement.

After starting off his co-main event fight against Travis Browne with a flying kick that connected right on "Hapa's" mug, the two engaged in a back-and-forth brawl which saw "Vai Cavalo" clock Browne on the mug after the towering Heavyweight looked away to check his broken finger.

A shot few would call cheap, many would call fair as the referee on duty didn't call a halt to the action.

Following his win (see it), the Brazilian bomber almost caused a riot after he kicked Browne's head coach inside the Octagon. And during the post-fight presser (see it again here), Werdum let slip a juicy nuggest to reporters, informing them that he recieved an injection two hours prior to his fight to help ease the pain for a fractured foot.

His words:

"There's a lot of things happen before my fight (loss to Stipe), but I don't like to say excuse. Today, today I don't say to nobody, but I had an injury in my foot. I broke my foot. Not broke my foot, but I had a fracture. I go to doctor, but I want to fight. Two hours before the fight, I go to my room today, and they gave me a shot, an injection because I have a lot of pain in my foot. And that's it, man, I don't say nothing, I just want to fight. I know I'm the next one (for title shot)."

What exactly was in the injection, is unclear, but you can bet United States Anti-Doping Agnecy (USADA) will get to the bottom of it sooner than later.

Still, one has to wonder how the Ohio Athletic Commission (OAC) was unaware of the fracture and why Werdum would reveal that and his injection after the fact. Perhaps he didn't think much of it to spill the beans, or he really wasn't thinking at all.

Nevertheless, it will be an interesting upcoming week, as you can bet the OAC and USADA will be keen on learning just what Werdum was injected with and by whom.

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