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Pic: UFC champ Michael Bisping joins bare-knuckle fighting movie 'My Name is Lenny'

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His name is Michael Bisping.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion has signed on for yet another movie role, just a few months after agreeing to this, where he'll play the part of "Roy Shaw" in the bare-knuckle fighting movie "My Name is Lenny."

From Instagram:

He's got some fighting of his own just around the corner.

Bisping, who captured the crown by wrecking Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 back in June, is scheduled to fight Dan Henderson in the UFC 204 pay-per-view (PPV) main event this October in Manchester, England, a rematch from their UFC 100 showdown that ended with the Brit down for "The Count."

If at first you don't succeed...