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UFC Fight Night 92 results from last night: Dennis Bermudez vs Rony Jason fight review, analysis

Last night (Aug. 6, 2016), Dennis Bermudez and Rony Jason faced off at UFC Fight Night 92 inside Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. In a solid beat down, Bermudez reigned supreme. Find out how below!

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Bermudez vs Jason Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight bruisers Dennis Bermudez and Rony Jason collided last night (Aug. 6, 2016) inside UFC Fight Night 92 at Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At one point, Bermudez was a top contender in line for a title shot. A couple losses changed that, but Bermudez entered this bout already on the comeback trail and was not about to slip up again. Meanwhile, Jason was in a must-win position. Coming off a suspension and some inconsistent performances, the Brazilian needed a strong showing to remind fans of his past ability.

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Bermudez took the center of the Octagon immediately while Jason looked for the counter. Jason landed a few nice strikes, but Bermudez then found his range, scored with some nasty low kicks, and dumped his opponent to the mat.

From his back, Jason attacked with armbars and triangles, forcing his opponent on the defensive for a few moments. However, Bermudez once again made some adjustments, and it didn’t take long for him to bloody his foe with some nasty elbows.

It was a strong opening round for the American.

Jason cracked his opponent with a stiff punch early, but Bermudez changed levels and landed a single leg takedown right after. This time, Jason didn’t try to play guard from his back, as he worked back to his feet within a couple minutes.

While he didn’t spend the entire round on his back, Jason had few answers for Bermudez’s aggressive mugging. "The Menace" put lots of pressure on Jason, attacking with some hard low kicks, nice combinations, and powerful slams.

Bermudez was far ahead after 10 minutes of competition.

For the first three minutes or so, things went according to plan for Bermudez. He continued pressuring his opponent on the feet, eating a few counter punches, but mostly smashing his foe with hard punches and low kicks.

However, a lazy moment along the cage allowed Jason to hit a switch and take his opponent’s back. Bermudez was in a terrible position, and the Brazilian nearly managed to slip in the rear naked choke.

Bermudez hung tough. After escaping the choke attempt, Bermudez spun inside his opponent’s guard and finished the round by slamming home more elbows.

Just like that, Bermudez added another quality win to his resume.

This bout really showcased what Bermudez brings to the table, good and bad. For the most part, Bermudez relied on his forte and bullied his opponent, taking advantage of his strength and conditioning to punish his foe.

To that end. Bermudez’s low kicks continue to be devastating. He does an excellent job of digging them into his opponent’s thighs, and his powerful legs really contribute to their effect.

Additionally, Bermudez did a nice job of setting up his takedowns. Once he got Jason’s back to the fence, Bermudez worked his foe over by switching between takedowns and strikes repeatedly.

It must be stated that Bermudez’s flaws were also on display. On the feet, he still lunges in with his head high, which was particularly obvious when he threw switch kicks. Then, for whatever reason, Bermudez seems to have moments of vulnerability on the mat as well, as Jason reversed and nearly submitted him far too easily.

It’s a problem that has troubled him earlier in his career, and it likely will in the future as well if he cannot shore up those holes.

Either way, he called out Frankie Edgar, which would certainly be a fun fight.

Regarding Jason, there’s really not much he could’ve done differently. He simply fought a better, more physically dominant fighter. There was no area that Jason held a clear advantage, and the fight really showed that.

All that said, Jason did make a mistake by hanging around on his back for so long in the first round. That was when he was at his most dangerous and fresh. Once he decided he would no longer stay on his back to hunt submissions, he honestly did far better.

Perhaps if he were energetic when he made that decision, the fight would’ve turned out differently.

Last night at UFC Fight Night 92, Dennis Bermudez threw his opponent around for three rounds. Will Bermudez receive his match up with Frankie Edgar at Madison Square Garden?

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