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Conor McGregor throws shade at Brock Lesnar, calls WWE guys a bunch of 'p*ssies'

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Few fighters would respect the route that Brock Lesnar took to get back into the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon. Not only did the WWE superstar leapfrog deserving Heavyweights to land a spot on the massive UFC 200 card, but he competed under the influence of banned substances.

While Lesnar's UFC 200 opponent, Mark Hunt, has been effected the most by the doping violations, UFC Featherweight Conor McGregor also felt the wrath of Lesnar. After getting scratched from UFC 200 due to missed media obligations, McGregor's main card spot was filled with Lesnar.

During UFC 202's media conference call earlier this week (view here), McGregor opened up about Lesnar, his failed drug test, WWE and more.

"For the most part, those WWE guys are p*ssies, to be honest," said McGregor. "They're messed up p*ssies, if you ask me. Fair play to Brock [Lesnar], he got in and fought, but at the end of the day he was juiced up to the f*cking eye balls, so how can I respect that? And then what's the other guy? The other guy [CM Punk] hasn't fought yet, so I don't know about him yet."

Harsh words from "Notorious," who meets Nate Diaz in a rematch at UFC 202 on Aug. 20.

"There's some dons in that wrestling game," added McGregor. "The McMahons, they're dons. Triple H is a don. The Rock is a don. But the rest of them are p*ssies."

It's safe to say the biggest name in mixed martial arts (MMA) today isn't ready to crossover to a sports entertainment dynamo like WWE. McGregor, 28, is in the prime of his fighting career and would regret wasting his world-class MMA talent playing make-believe with a bunch of "p*ssies."