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Video: Georges St-Pierre gets his ass whooped by Steven Seagal, dies hilarious death in 'Killing Salazar'

Ludicrous gibs!

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is putting his mixed martial arts (MMA) skills to good use.

Just not inside the Octagon.

"Rush" was a part of the Killing Salazar movie, starring bloated B-movie action star Steven Seagal, released direct to torrent earlier this year in Kuwait (seriously). The budget was roughly $7 million and a sad reminder that not every role can be as glamorous as this one.

From what I could glean from IMDB, something-something DRUG LORD something-something DEA AGENT something-something ONE MAN KARATE MACHINE.

It's pretty much every other silly low-budget action movie you've ever seen, especially if you were alive in the 80s. Seagal stars as John Harrison, a name so generic it was also used for Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, which you should probably watch instead.

Or skip to 3:14 and watch GSP fall down, go boom.

St-Pierre is loosely attached to the upcoming UFC 206 pay-per-view (PPV) event later this year in Toronto.

That is all.

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