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Video: Idiot shoots himself in the face, tries to pick a fight with UFC commentator Joe Rogan

Remember that show Jackass?

Now picture it without any of the charm or subtext and you have part-time rapper (and full-time dumbass) Kasper Knight, who decided the quickest route to fame was through the starter pistol he stole from the high school track team. Probably because a real gun would have taken most of his face off.

What does this have to do with mixed martial arts (MMA)?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan was critical of the "stupid asshole" video, embedded above for your viewing displeasure, and now Knight wants the opportunity to fight him and settle it like men. Because fighting solves everything!

From Facebook:

The only caveat? Knight needs a full year to train -- with pay!

In other stupid news, there is a picture circulating the internet that features a cat sleeping on a wood pile and it WENT VIRAL which means you should go find it so you don't feel left out.

That is all.

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