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Cody Garbrandt: Bryan Caraway is a 'bigger bitch' than Dominick Cruz for ducking me

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Garbrandt really likes calling people "bitch."

After slamming current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz for being a "little bitch" who relies on security when things get hot, "No Love" took it a step further and labeled fellow 135-pound contender Bryan Caraway a "bigger bitch" than "The Dominator."

That's because Cody doesn't appreciate the fact that Caraway always seems to have an excuse to not fight him when matchmakers present the bout to him.

"That's funny because that dude has turned me down twice," Garbrandt said Monday on The MMA Hour via MMA Fighting. "That guy turned me down twice. He's a bigger bitch than Dominick Cruz. He knows that I'm next in line for a title shot, now he wants to keep his name relevant. All these fighters want to throw their name in with me. They want to throw their name in with the best just to get a chance to get in there, because they know I'm the real deal, they know I'm going to be the next champion, they know I'm the big fight.

"But's it's funny, Bryan, you were supposed to be my last fight, but you said you were hurt and that's why Takeya stepped up and took the fight. So he turned me down twice. The first time because I wasn't ranked, then this time I think just because I was finally ranked and then he said ‘I was hurt.' That was before all of this. So that's funny that he wants to grow some balls and call me out."

Cody went on to defeat Takeya in just under a minute at UFC 202 just last week (see it). As for Caraway, he picked up perhaps the biggest win of his career after defeating Aljamain Sterling at UFC Fight Night 88.

After the win, Bryan declared he is more than deserving of getting next crack st the Bantamweight strap. However, his campaign didn't pick up much speed. Perhaps a showdown between the two talented bantamweights will solve the question as to who is deserving to face Cruz next.

Assuming Caraway finally agrees to the fight.

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