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Bellator 160 results: LIVE 'Henderson vs Pitbull' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator 160: "Henderson vs. Pitbull" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Aug. 26, 2016) from inside Honda Center in Anaheim, California. The headlining fight tonight is a No. 1 contender eliminator match as former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight champion Benson Henderson battles former Bellator Featherweight kingpin Patricio Freire in 155-pound action. In addition, Featherweights Bubba Jenkins and Georgi Karakhanyan will rematch in a key ranking bout on a loaded Bellator card for the "Golden State".

Bellator 160 will start tonight on Spike TV at 10 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the "Prelims" undercard action airing on at 7:50 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 160) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Benson Henderson vs. Patricio Freire --  Henderson via injury TKO 2:26 R2.
Saad Awad vs. Derek Anderson -- Anderson UD 30-27, 29-28 X2.
Bubba Jenkins vs. Georgi Karakhanyan -- Karakhanyan via KO 0:53 R1.
A.J. McKee vs. Cody Walker -- McKee via sub (guillotine) 0:32 R2.
Chinzo Machida vs. Mario Navarro -- Machida via TKO 2:57 R1.
Joey Davis vs. Keith Cutrone -- Davis via UD 30-27 X3.
Gabriel Green vs. Alex Trinidad -- Green via TKO 2:01 R2.
Steve Ramirez vs. Ron Henderson -- Ramirez via TKO 2:24 R1.
Kyle Estrada vs. David Duran -- Duran via split decision.
Mike Segura vs. Jacob Rosales -- Rosales via UD 30-27, 29-28 X2.
Jonny Cisneros vs. Andy Murad -- Murad via UD 29-29 X3.
Jake Roberts vs. Stephen Martinez -- Roberts via TKO 4:24 R1.


Benson Henderson vs. Patricio Freire

"Pitbull" Freire is out first in the red trunks. "Smooth" Henderson is out in the white. 23-6 to 25-3, 5'9" to 5'5" and 156 to 155.4 from Henderson to Freire. Freire fights out of Natal, Brazil. Henderson fights out of Glendale, Arizona. "Big" John McCarthy is in charge in the cage.

Round 1: Henderson goes to his back at 58 seconds avoiding a shot but Freire backs off and Henderson stands right back up. Freire is circling on the outside looking for an opening. Henderson throws up a leg kick, Freire catches it and lets it go. Two minutes gone in a cautious fight for both men. Henderson charges forward but misses with the right. Freire throws a leg kick. The crowd is impatient by the halfway point. Several leg kicks land for Freire. The crowd starts booing again. Henderson keeps inching forward as the crowd vents their frustration. Henderson throws a high kick and a body kick. That was not a great first round especially compared to the last fight.

Round 2: High kick and leg kick for Henderson 50 seconds into R2, but basically he's just controlling the cage position and letting Freire counter him when he likes. In terms of strikes landed Freire would clearly be ahead, but judges who see Henderson as more aggressive might disagree. Freire tries to get a takedown and get Henderson's back. Henderson responds by going for a kimura, Freire gets out of it, and suddenly tells McCarthy he can't continue because he can't stand any more due to an injury. This fight's over. It appears his right ankle or foot is messed up.

Final result: Benson Henderson wins by TKO (injury stoppage) at 2:26 in round two.


Saad Awad vs. Derek Anderson

Black trunks, 13-2, fighting out of Carlsbad, California is Anderson. Blue trunks, 19-7, fighting out of San Bernardino, California is Awad. Our referee in charge is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Awad gets clipped with a right hand 20 seconds in as they traded but recovers quickly. Awad continues to press forward and catches Anderson with a left. He tries to respond with a knee and Awad takes him to the ground and gets his back. Anderson gets to a knee and Awad goes for a d'arce in response. Anderson tries to spin his way out so Awad goes to his back and then lets Anderson stand back up. He clips Anderson with a right hand, and another. They trade leg kicks. Awad snaps his head back with a left at 3:22 and takes him down 8 seconds later. Anderson goes for a triangle choke. Awad tries to get out and Anderson goes for an arm. Awad gets free but Anderson sweeps to the top with ten seconds left. EXCELLENT five minutes of action.

Round 2: Jimmy Smith says he nearly scored it a 10-10 but gave a narrow edge to Awad as we come back for round two. Both men are still throwing everything at each other with bad intentions. No pitter patter jabs in this fight. Anderson is starting to touch Awad a little more with his reach advantage. Anderson has a big mouse under his right away. he stuffs a takedown attempt at 2:04. Awad throws Anderson to the ground at 2:36 and takes his back. Both hooks are in 20 seconds later. Anderson sweeps his way to the top in full guard. Awad tries to roll free but now Anderson takes HIS back with both hooks in. It becomes a stalemate for the last minute of R2 from there -- Anderson can't submit him but Awad can't break free. I have it as one round each.

Round 3: It only takes them a minute to just stand in front of each other and start winging shots again. Anderson is using the jab and leg kicks a little more now to keep Awad at range, then hurt him with his reach. When Awad tries to close to strike Anderson he gets popped again. Awad might need to sell out and take a shot hoping to land the big blow because he's in danger of being outpointed. Anderson with a good right at 2:55 and he follows up again seven seconds later. Either Anderson is getting faster or Awad is getting slower but the speed difference is noticeable now. Awad goes for the takedown with a little over a minute left and Anderson blocks it. He gets it 20 seconds later and Anderson tries to trap his neck to no avail. He goes for an armbar but can't hang onto it. Anderson reverses the takedown with ten seconds left and is on top at the bell.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Derek Anderson by unanimous decision.


Bubba Jenkins vs. Georgi Karakhanyan

Karakhanyan came in at 149 so this is a catchweight fight. Jenkins is in the black trunks, 11-2, fighting out of Huntington Beach, California. Karakhanyan is in the red trunks, 24-6-1, fighting out of Riverside, California. Our referee in charge is Black Grice.

Round 1: They tap gloves and we are underway. Jenkins with a left hand. Karakhanyan with a right kick. Jenkins with a couple of leg kicks of his own. Jenkins has his foot caught on a kick and Karakhanyan puts his LIGHTS OUT with a right hook. Grice steps in immediately and Jenkins is so confused he tries to take Grice down. Karakhanyan screams in joy and jumps on the cage to celebrate.

Final result: Georgi Karakhanyan via knockout at 0:53 of the first round.


A.J. McKee vs. Cody Walker

McKee comes out wearing a MF DOOM/Doctor Doom mask. His opponent Walker is already in the cage. McKee is 4-0 and Walker is 7-4. Walker has on gray trunks and fights out of Orange County, California. McKee has on black trunks and fights out of Long Beach, California. Our referee is George Allen.

Round 1: Both guys start trading shots immediately. Walker trips him to the ground but stands up and nearly eats the upkick. McKee sweeps and Walker is content to fish for McKee's right arm off his back. McKee pulls out at 1:21. He traps Walker's left arm with his right leg momentarily then starts to lay into him with the right elbow. Walker gives up his back and McKee gets on top for the arm triangle as Walker rolls. McKee lets it go because they're too close to the cage to finish, then he backs away at 2:40 and tries to jump over the top with a left. Allen warns the fighters not to grab the fence. McKee spins his way to side control with under 90 seconds left in R1. He's hurting Walker with the left hand and elbow with 25 seconds left but Walker survives to see R2. 10-9 McKee.

Round 2: McKee opens R2 with a spin kick, decks Walker with a right as he gives chase, then dumps him easily with a takedown. He puts on the guillotine and does a pair of backflips off the fence to celebrate once Walker taps.

Final result: A.J. McKee wins via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:32 of the second round.


Chinzo Machida vs. Mario Navarro

Round 1: Navarro has pink and black trunks, 4-4, fighting out of Orange, California. Blue trunks for Machida, 3-2, fighting out of Belem, Brazil. Our referee in charge of this fight is John McCarthy. A tap of gloves opens the bout and both men inch back and forth toward each other feeling out the range. Eventually Navarro tries to push Machida toward the fence but he sidesteps and throws snapping leg kicks. Navarro tries again and Machida dances away and throws body kicks. Machida drops Navarro with a right hand. McCarthy lets Navarro continue since he responds to the warning to defend himself. Navarro stings Machida with a left once he gets up but Machida recovers quickly and cracks Navarro with an over-the-top right. Another right hand puts Navarro completely out and McCarthy waves it off.

Final result: Machida by technical knockout at 2:57 in the first round.


Joey Davis vs. Keith Cutrone

Round 1: Cutrone is 1-0 out of Los Angeles in the black trunks. Davis is making his pro debut out of Compton in the yellow trunks. Our referee is John McCarthy. No glove touch after the opening bell. Davis is trying to close the distance and land a shot. It takes him 50 seconds to connect with an overhand right but he drops him with a left in a combo shortly thereafter. Cutrone gets back up and is not hanging back - he's trying to meet power with power. Cutrone is throwing leg kicks as well. Davis tags Cutrone with another hard shot at 3:14. Davis went undefeated as a collegiate wrestler but hasn't gone for a single takedown yet. Left hand connects. Cutrone is giving chase and Davis takes him down with 15 seconds left. Cutrone wants a guillotine but there's no time and he's out of position. His mouth is bloody as he gets up. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2: Davis throws a hard combo 12 seconds into R2. Cutrone responds with kicks. Davis tags him hard at 0:40 with a combo as McCarthy calls out a cut due to a punch over Cutrone's right eye. Cutrone is having some success kicking the left leg. Davis shoots and scores a takedown at 2:27. Cutrone scoots backward to the fence as Davis tries to improve position. Cutrone takes another cut as Davis works away on top but McCarthy warns him he wants to see more. Davis tries to stack Cutrone up but puts himself in upkick range. He jumps back on top at 4:24. McCarthy resets them at 4:40. Another 10-9 for Davis.

Round 3: Davis tags Cutrone with two wild lefts then gets an easy takedown at 20 seconds, all while McCarthy was warning Cutrone to watch his fingers and close his hands striking. McCarthy eyes them closely as Davis is in the same full guard he was stood up from last round. He calls for work at 1:58. Davis is trying to answer him with hard left hands. Another request at 2:15. He stands them up 15 seconds later. Davis single legs Cutrone immediately. I can't imagine McCarthy thinks anything different will happen if he stands them up again. Davis has this in the bag now. Nonetheless he calls for work at 3:50 and again at 4:18, standing them up with a half minute left. Davis is slow to heed the call but he hits a double leg instantly once he does to seal the fight.

Final result: Joey Davis wins via unanimous decision 30-27 X3.


Gabriel Green vs. Alex Trinidad

Round 1: Trinidad is in the red trunks. Green is in the black. Our referee in charge of this bout is Blake Grice. A thumping touch of gloves opens the fight. Green is coming forward and they tie up against the fence. Trinidad trips him down but Green pops up immediately. They finally break apart and Green starts coming forward again. Trinidad pops him with a left before they tie up again. This time Green is landing knees to the body and legs. They break at 2:38. Green goes upstairs with a couple of kicks. He hurts Trinidad with a right and he drops for a single leg. He gets Green down at 3:09 and lands some hard lefts before taking the back. Green is back on his feet at 3:48 and trying to cover up to avoid knees. Trinidad swings to his back and throws left knees from behind. Green lands some uppercuts and body shots when they tie up. A close and competitive first round.

Round 2: Green is charging forward to open R2 but Trinidad breaks free of the fence at 36 seconds. Green comes forward again but he eats a couple of lefts to the head closing the distance. Trinidad puts his arms up to block elbows and hits a smooth takedown to full mount. Trinidad is trying to bust him up with left hands and elbows but lets Green back up in the process because he postures up trying to throw the kill shot. Green drops Trinidad with a right uppercut and pours it on for the TKO stoppage.

Final result: Gabriel Green wins via technical knockout at 2:01 of the second round.


Steve Ramirez vs. Ron Henderson

Round 1: Unaired before Spike TV.

Final result: Steve Ramirez defeated Ron Henderson via TKO at 2:24 of the first round.


Kyle Estrada vs. David Duran

Round 1: Unaired before Spike TV.

Final result: Bellator MMA indicates that David Duran won a split decision.


Mike Segura vs. Jacob Rosales

Round 1: Green and purple trunks for Rosales, 3-2, fighting out of La Habra, California. Red trunks for Segura, 4-3, fighting out of Laguna Hills, California. Our referee is Blake Grice. Rosales takes the center and Segura circles outside. Rosales keeps coming forward with hard shots and Segura starts to unload with kicks in return. Rosales doesn't bring his hands back up after he fires and could be vulnerable to a counter shot or head kick. Segura defends well with his hands up but he's spending a lot of time backpedaling. Rosales finally lands a shot that cracks Segura and goes for a leg lock, but Segura rolls out of it. He goes for it a second time, lets off, then tries to jump over the top with a right, then tries to cartwheel over. Segura's content to lay on his back and let Rosales kicks his legs until R1 ends. 10-9 Rosales.

Round 2: Segura is trying to be a little more aggressive to open R2. Rosales has a very strange form of head movement where his whole body leans to one side, but since he won the first round you can't say it doesn't work. Once again it feels like there are openings Segura could exploit if he saw them though, particularly that Rosales leans to the left BEFORE he throws his left hand. Rosales lands another over the top right, and another, and again Segura is spending most of his time backpedaling and defending instead of initiating. When Segura does come forward he just stops and stands there and Rosales throws a leg kick or a looping right. I'm just perplexed watching Segura. He's getting his mouth bloodied even though he appears to have height and reach over his opponent. Whatever Segura is thinking, it's not working. 10-9 Rosales again.

Round 3: Both fighters tap gloves to open the final round and Segura immediately starts moving backward again. Rosales left to set up the overhand right seems to be there again and again and he's using body shots to wear Segura down further. Body kicks as well. It seems like Segura has dug himself a hole he can't get out of now except for a lucky punch or kick. Everything from his nose on down looks as red as his trunks. Still Rosales is getting reckless and screaming WOOOOO and that may give Segura the kind of opening he needs. Segura tries to clinch and wrap an arm around his neck but he doesn't have the strength for it. He flails around and Rosales takes advantage and gets on top in side control when he's off balance to run out the clock. Segura's corner tries to wipe the blood off his face as we await the verdict.

Final result: Jacob Rosales wins via unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 X2.


Jonny Cisneros vs. Andy Murad

Round 1: It took me 15 minutes to find a working stream. Don't use the Spike mobile app - use the Bellator one.

Final result: 29-28 X3 for Andy Murad by unanimous decision.


Jake Roberts vs. Stephen Martinez

Round 1: Blue gloves, 11-4, fighting out of Rancho Cucamonga, California is Martinez. Red gloves, 6-0, fighting out of St. Louis, Missouri is Roberts. Our referee is George Allen. They tap and we're underway with an exchange of leg kicks. Roberts starts throwing high kicks so Martinez drops for a single leg. He doesn't get it but he swings behind and attempts to jump the back and get hooks in. He starts to slide off over the front and tries to transition to an arm or a triangle. No dice there either. He does finally get the takedown and get hooks in. Roberts stands up with Martinez piggybacking. Martinez is trying to get an arm under the chin for a finish. Roberts shakes him off at 3:14 and they reset seven seconds later. Roberts starts striking well so Martinez goes for a takedown again but this time Roberts gets on top and starts laying in ground and pound and elbows for the stoppage with under 40 seconds.

Final result: Jake Roberts by technical knockout at 4:24 of the first round.


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