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MMA Labor Wars! A brief history of a growing sport that has failed to unionize ... yet

A few weeks ago, Professional Fighters Association (PFA) -- headed by this guy -- announced its intention to form a union to protect the collective interests of the entire Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter roster. It's a potential game-changing move for mixed martial arts (MMA) that could effect different issues for fighters such as wages, hours, conditions of employment, including minimums, pensions, medical insurance, grievance procedure and collectively bargaining for a drug policy, according to Jeff Borris.

However, Borris and Co. aren't the first group to try and unionize fighters -- there is a long history of different groups that have tried -- or are still in a battle -- to do the same PFA hopes to achieve. Chief among them is the Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association, (MMAFA), which didn't take too kindly to Borris trying to step on its toes.

According to Borris, though, MMAFA should consider him an ally, not an enemy, since both organizations have different agendas and have different goals. Nevertheless, as you can see in the video embedded above, the fight to unionize has been ongoing for years with little to no success.

Something Borris hopes to change sooner than later.

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