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Live Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 fight updates, UFC 202: Round 5 -- McGregor wins majority decision!

Fifth and final round and it is a toss up who is winning on the scorecards -- it's a critical round. Diaz quickly gets McGregor pinned up against the fence again, but the Irishman doesn't hang out long, spinning away and slamming home another leg kick. Diaz once again pins McGregor up against the fence and ducks down for a takedown, but "Notorious" is able to defend. Diaz lands another combination and McGregor, once again, walks to the other side of the Octagon as Diaz flips him the bird in disgust. Diaz closes the gap once more and works over McGregor along the cage with short shots. Diaz drops down for another takedown, but McGregor defends well. Diaz, though, is clearly the aggressor even if he isn't doing much damage, while McGregor is taking some time off. McGregor scores a quick trip with 40 seconds to go, but Diaz returned to his feet in seconds. Diaz finally got a takedown with 10 seconds to go as Diaz -- a bloody mess -- helps up McGregor from the floor, their first sign of mutual respect. It was a close fight -- McGregor early and Diaz late -- that ended, unsurprisingly, via razor close decision.

FINAL RESULT: Conor McGregor defeats Nate Diaz via majority decision

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