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Live Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 fight updates, UFC 202: Round 4

Championship rounds, which is uncharted territory for the fatigued McGregor. Diaz, though, is bleeding from his face, constantly wiping his face so he can see what's going on. McGregor goes back to the well with a leg kick and then lands a hard shot that appears to wobble Diaz, who is very bothered by the blood on his face. Diaz once again escorted McGregor to the fence, where he looked to dirty box his way to victory. Both fighters peel off the cage and Diaz staggers McGregor with a hard shot in the center of the Octagon. McGregor, though, now appears to have caught his second wind, putting together a few combinations that have some pop. Diaz whiffs with a Stockton slap as the round comes to a close, slipping after following it up with a high kick. It's a dog fight!

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