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Live Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 fight updates, UFC 202: Round 3 -- -- Diaz turns the tide!

Headed into round three, McGregor's corner reminded him about the training he had put in to prepare for pace. Diaz is now talking shit as McGregor can't close his mouth. Diaz wrapped him up along the fence and make McGregor carry his weight as the crowd chants DIAZ DIAZ DIAZ! McGregor spun off the cage and landed a nice cross, then a leg kick, that slowed Diaz for a moment. Diaz turns up the trash talk, unclear what he is saying, but its probably not nice. Diaz caught a kick, finally, and used it to push McGregor back to the fence, who responds with a nice short inside elbow. The fight has become a slog now along the cage as Diaz tries to tire McGregor, who trots away to the other side of the Octagon for a breather. There isn't much power on McGregor's punches at this point, but he does land a nice counter off a head kick. Diaz lands a one-two combination with a minute to go, then a flurry along the fence, as McGregor bobs and weaves trying to avoid the endless shots. Final seconds of the round and at this point, McGregor is just trying to survive. WHAT A FIGHT!

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