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Live Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 fight updates, UFC 202: Round 2 -- Diaz comes on strong late!

Diaz looks worse for wear to start the second stanza -- his face ruddy and leg turning into chopped meat. McGregor continued with the leg kicks and then, like he did in the first frame, dropped McGregor with a big punch. And, once again, he let him back to his feet. And, once again, McGregor dropped him with another punch -- three total at this point, just 90 minutes into round two. McGregor remained supremely patient in his attack, not swarming for a finish but rather picking apart Diaz from distance and carefully selecting his shots. Midway through the second and both fighters exchanged shots in the center of the Octagon, Diaz having not landed anything effective up until this point. His face is now bleeding as McGregor carves him up with counter combinations. McGregor didn't forget about the leg kick, though, slipping in a few as he gets more comfortable on his feet. Diaz appears to have caught a second wind, wiping blood from his face and putting pressure on McGregor along the fence. Diaz lands a shot and McGregor stumbles into the fence. With 30 seconds to go Diaz turns up the pressure as McGregor returns fire, exhausted. Diaz finished the round very strong, looking like he want to turn the tide once more.

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