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Live Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 fight updates, UFC 202: Round 1 -- Diaz goes down!

Here we go! Both fighters enter the Octagon, with additional security around the perimeter to ensure that Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz don't spark off their rematch before referee John McCarthy gives them the green light to hook 'em up for the second time in five months. The two arch rivals once against refused to touch gloves and it was time!

McGregor comes out with a pair of leg kicks, a tactic that has worked on Diaz in the past. Diaz countered, as well threw a punch, but it didn't find a home. McGregor's early strategy is clear: Chop down Diaz, who began to check them after about the tenth one landed. McGregor inched forward and finally landed a clean shot, and then another cross that dropped Diaz. Rather than follow him to the mat, McGregor let him back to his feet so he could continue implementing his gameplan. McGregor patiently stalked Diaz around the cage, landing another leg kick -- then another -- and doubling up with a combination.

Diaz seems frustrated, slamming home a right cross that McGregor countered just as effectively. McGregor is throwing leg kicks incessantly as Diaz throws up his hands in disapproval. McGregor landed another one with about a minute to go in the first that buckled Diaz's knee. Diaz tried to pump his jab, but McGregor finished with a flurry, clearly winning the first round ... like he did last time.

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