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UFC 202 results from last night: Rick Story vs Donald Cerrone fight review, analysis

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Cote vs Cerrone Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight veterans Rick Story and Donald Cerrone squared off last night (Aug. 20, 2016) at UFC 202 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Story entered this bout on a strong win streak, enough to get him back into the Top 10. Opposite a surging "Cowboy," Story was hoping to continue his winning ways and get back into the title picture. Though Cerrone’s future weight class was uncertain, his previous Welterweight results were unquestionable. The longtime contender really did look better than ever in recent appearances, and Cerrone believed that would be enough to work past his foe last night.

He was correct.

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After some aggressive exchanges from both men, Cerrone scored an early takedown. However, Story was able to use the butterfly guard to attempt a sweep, allowing him to stand up and drive Cerrone into the fence, where he quickly scored his own takedown. Cerrone threatened a triangle from his back, and he was only forced to eat a few shots before returning to his feet. On the feet, both men landed hard blows, but "Cowboy" threw in a much higher volume and was able to more effectively play his game.

It was a competitive round, but Cerrone likely edged it out.

Because of some of the body knees and snap kicks Cerrone landed in the first, Story looked a bit tired to start the round. Without as much pressure on him, Cerrone was able to establish his range, kicking his foe’s legs and landing quick punches when Story did try to push forward. Story was hurting a bit before long, and Cerrone capitalized. As Story looked to duck away from his foe’s punches, Cerrone stepped in with his usual switch high kick and sent Story spinning.

A few follow up punches ended the bout.

This was yet another spectacular showing for the Welterweight "Cowboy." He used movement and a nice counter takedown to discourage his opponent’s aggression early on, which allowed Cerrone to find his range a bit.

Once that happened, all of Cerrone’s usual techniques worked to great effect. In particular, his foe had no real answer to the step knee or snap kick, and they greatly sapped his strength. Once that happened, Cerrone was in a great position. His foe could no longer take him down, nor could he really close the distance. There are few men who can out-strike Cerrone at his range, and Cerrone proved that Story was not one of them.

After this victory, Cerrone called out Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. That’s hardly an unreasonable match up — Cerrone did beat Alvarez not long ago — but Cerrone does look his best at Welterweight. For that reason, a fight with someone like Kelvin Gastelum would also be fun.

To his credit, Story came in with a smart game plan. He was aggressive early, digging into his opponent’s lead leg with hard kicks and doubling up on the left hand often. Those are excellent techniques to use when trying to close the distance, and it was working rather well early on.

Unfortunately for "The Horror," Cerrone poked a few holes in his gas tank with those knees. Story pushes a grueling pace, but it’s hard to fight that style if he doesn’t have the energy to perform. Despite the defeat, Story is still a Top 15-ranked Welterweight. Neil Magny also came up short at UFC 202, so perhaps that would be a smart match up for both men.

At UFC 202, Donald Cerrone continued his 170 pounds rise by dispatching Rick Story. Where does "Cowboy" head from here?

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