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UFC 202 results from last night: Hyun Gyu Lim vs Mike Perry fight review, analysis

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight knockout artists Hyun Gyu Lim and Mike Perry battled last night (Aug. 20, 2016) at UFC 202 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Much like the fight preceding it, this was an odd match up of UFC veteran and last-minute replacement. For Lim, this was a chance to extend his win streak and add another highlight to his reel, as the South Korean was the more experienced brawler. Perry, meanwhile, was filling the role of short-notice action fighter. With each of his victories coming via knockout, Perry was hoping to make his own statement and announce himself as a fighter to watch at 170 pounds.

Mission accomplished.

Despite Lim looking absolutely massive, Perry opened up as the more effective fighting, digging low kicks and threatening with fast punches. Just as Lim seemed to be finding his range and landing a bit more, Perry dropped his opponent with a massive overhand about 90 seconds in.

From top position, Perry landed some hard shots after securing the crucifix. Lim managed to power his way back to his feet, but Perry put him down with a right hook once again. This time, Perry came rather close to the finish, but Lim toughed it out a second time.

There wouldn’t be a third.

Lim was still unstable from the previous two knockdowns as he returned to his feet. Despite that, he pushed forward and kept trying to lead with an uppercut. This time, it was Perry’s left hook which dropped the South Korean, and he remained on the ground. This was a hell of a debut for Perry. He’s a young fighter with a reputation for explosively knocking people out quickly, but this was a whole different level of competition. Lim was far larger and more experienced, but that didn’t stop Perry from running through him.

It was undeniably impressive.

Perry is fast, and he has a clear understanding of distance. Early on, he pestered Lim with hard low kicks — taking a page from Tarec Saffiedine’s book — which ensured that Lim would try to close the distance. Lim did so sloppily, and Perry countered viciously.

Just like that, Perry is now an undefeated knockout artist with a solid highlight reel. Additionally, he seems like a bit of a character outside of the Octagon, which will surely draw attention to him as well. There’s no doubt Perry is now a serious prospect at 170 pounds.

This is a major disappointment for Lim. He’s lost a couple of fights prior, but those have come to established talents. This time, he faced a foe with less experience and less notice, but he was utterly mauled. In all honesty, the ship has sailed on Lim as a potential contender. He’s not a young fighter, and his overall game is simply too reliant on power to get by. Lim has found some success simply because he’s a giant who hits hard, but that’s hardly a recipe for success on its own in high-level MMA.

At UFC 202, Mike Perry made a dramatic statement by knocking out Hyun Gyu Lim in the first round. Where does the UFC newcomer’s ceiling lie?

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