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Mark Hunt explodes after 'bulls--t' USADA drug test, tells 'stupid-ass' UFC fans to STFU

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

I think we've established at this point that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Mark Hunt gives zero fucks about anything and anyone related to pre- or post-fight drug testing, now that "enhanced" Brock Lesnar skipped town with millions of tainted dollars.

Adios, suckers.

But just because Hunt is not scheduled to compete doesn't mean he won't be subjected to out-of-competition drug testing. That said, I would hate to be the guy (or gal) from United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) charged with asking for a glass of Samoan lemonade:

Hunt explodes on Facebook:

Don't fucken waste my time with your bullshit testing ok why are u even testing when u fuckers don't do shit about it take your out of competition testing and stick it up your ass cheating motherfuckers what a bunch of wankers


Unfortunately for Hunt, not everyone in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community agrees with his latest rant. That includes one mouthy fan who told the "Super Samoan" to stop being a super sourpuss. As you might expect, that went over like a lead balloon.

"Idiots like I don't understand its jus a matter of time before someone dies and u think your stupid ass would be still talking like that stfu dummy"

Been told.

Hunt is trying to get fighters to unionize or at the very least, establish some sort of fighter's association. While many of his combat sports brethren have expressed similar concerns, it remains to be seen if his movement gains any real traction now that UFC has been sold.

Time will tell.

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