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Former boxing champ warns Conor McGregor to stay out of Nate Diaz's hometown after latest ethnic dis

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During yesterday's (Aug., 17, 2016) chaotic UFC 202 pre-fight press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Conor McGregor continued he verbal onslaught against Nate Diaz, which often comes at the expense of his Mexican heritage. This time, "Notorious" blasted Diaz and his whole camp, calling them a bunch of "crackhead eses," a term some could consider borderline racist. The slur was not lost former boxing champion Andre Berto, who warned McGregor to stay out of Stockton, Calif., if he wants to avoid any trouble from Diaz's hometown followers.

"You know, Conor promotes," Berto told TMZ Sports. "He knows how to get everybody riled up. And you know, shit it's going to be a good one, man. I might tune in, might be some fireworks. That's Conor, he's just being him, acting crazy, getting shit hyped up. It's going to be showtime Saturday night. But, he better not ever go to Stockton talking that shit right there, you know what I'm saying? But fight night on Saturday, everybody tune in to UFC 202, that shit is going to be dope. He can never go to Stockton, never."

In the past, McGregor has dubbed Diaz a "cholo gangster" and "ugly Mexican southpaw," as well. While some many not consider those racial slurs -- instead inferring that Diaz may be a part of a gang -- others in the Latin community could -- and perhaps do -- take offense.

As for McGregor, he, too, has been a target of heritage-inspired insults by the likes of Luke Rockhold after the former Middleweight champion dubbed him an "anorexic leprechaun," an obvious dig at his Irish background. Nevertheless, Diaz himself has for the most part -- at least publicly -- ignored his race-inspired insults, preferring to let his fists and submission skills do the talking for him.

He'll get a chance to silence McGregor once again when the two go at it for the second time in the main event of UFC 202, which is set to pop off from T-Mobile Arena this Saturday (Aug., 20, 2016) in Las Vegas.

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