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UFC 202’s Conor McGregor brands Lightweight champ, Eddie Alvarez, a 'begging bum' with 'novice' striking

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Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Alvarez has made it very clear he wants nothing more than to get his shot at taking out current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight champion Conor McGregor. And the big payday that comes with it, too.

The problem? "Notorious" doesn’t seem to think Alvarez is on his level, calling the new Lightweight champion a "bum" who is a "novice" in the striking department. Plus, Alvarez has to get in line to contend with the others who are "begging" to fight him and get paid.

Check out McGregor’s comments on a recent edition of "The MMA Hour" (via MMA Fighting):

"Right now there's a new champion, he's a bum as well. He's a novice. He's a novice on his feet, swinging shots, overhands. He just is a wrestler with an overhand as well. They're novices where I come from and that's the truth of it, so we'll see about him. We'll see. Like I said, there's a lot of options. They're all begging for it. They're all begging in their own unique way, but make no mistake, it's begging. They are all begging for this. They're all begging for what Nate got. They look at Nate, who went from 20-and-20 to now he's talking big money, so they're all on their hands and knees begging for this. So like I said, I'll have this fight [at UFC 202], I'll sit down with Mr. (Dana) White and the new owners ... and then we'll figure it out from there."

Indeed, McGregor is all set to rematch Nate Diaz this weekend (Sat., Aug. 20, 2016) in the UFC 202 pay-per-view (PPV) main event in Las Vegas, Nevada (full details here). After that, UFC President Dana White pretty much confirmed "Notorious" would head back down to 145 pounds to defend his strap in a rematch against current interim champ, Jose Aldo.

That means Alvarez will have to take a number before he can get his hands on McGregor. In the meantime, he can look forward to defending his own 155 pound strap for the first time; possibly against a certain undefeated fighter.