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Coming soon! Dana White teases mind-blowing UFC announcements that will 'make all athletes more money'

Dana White's ultimate goal since he got into the mixed martial arts (MMA) business was always to try and make it the biggest sport in the world. And as president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), he has done just about anything anyone could possibly think of to try and make it a reality.

Despite the company's massive success, White recently told "The Herd" that he is still far from reaching his ultimate goal despite landing numerous high-profile deals over the last 20 years that have made UFC a worldwide brand people recognize and respect.

And just because he isn't a spring chicken anymore (he's 47), his drive to reach the pinnacle hasn't faltered, intending still to make MMA the biggest sport in the world and teasing "big" announcements in the next three months.

"To make this the biggest sport in the world. We're not even close. Not even close. Just the announcements we're going to make in the next three months are so awesome they are going to blow peoples minds, man. This is what I love. I love building, I love winning, I love the grind and getting in any everyday and making this thing bigger and bigger and better and making all of these athletes more money. In the next three months we are going to be popping out announcements left and right."

Oh the anxiety.

White recently signed a five-year deal to stay on as UFC president following the $4 billion sale of UFC to WME-IMG. And don't think just because White has an extra $360 million in the bank his work ethic is going to die down one bit. If anything, he's more revved up than ever to get things done.

Whether or not this guy gets in his way remains to be seen.

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