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UFC 202 video: Anthony Johnson confident he'll have all of Glover Teixeira’s respect once he touches him

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Heading into UFC 202 — which is set to go down this weekend (Sat., Aug, 20, 2016) in Las Vegas, Nevada (details) -- there has been absolutely no trash talk from either Anthony Johnson and Glover Teixeira as they prepare for their Light Heavyweight showdown.

And it’s no surprise, really, as both men have proven to be two of the most respectful fighters in the business. And while "Rumble" knows their is mutual respect between them, it will only increase further once they feel each others power.

He breaks it down on the latest edition of "MMA Noise:"

"Glover, he’s a vet for sure. He has been in there with the best of the best and I have to find an opening, that’s it. I know if I touch him just a little bit, I have his respect. We are just two respectful fighters. We fight hard, we don’t talk trash in victory or defeat. We just fight hard and have fun out there. But I know that if touch him, even a little bit, I’m going to have his respect even more. Same with me, he touches me, we have respect and we will take that chance to see who has it and who doesn’t. I just have to find that opening. And Glover, I know he is going to play it smart the entire fight, he has no choice, he knows that if he makes a mistake with me he can be looking at the ceiling saying ‘What happened or what did I get hit with?’ The same thing can happen with me If I make a mistake with Glover. He’s a hard puncher. But do I think he can punch harder than me? No. Can he take as much punishment as me? I’ve seen him in there take hits and drop for a second, but his recovery time is like he didn’t get hit. It will be a tough fight."

Two of the hardest hitters in the division going toe-to-toe, what’s not to like?

The winner of the crucial 205-pound showdown is expected to earn himself a shot at dethroning current division champion Daniel Cormier later this year.

Anyone care to throw out some last-minute predictions on how this one plays out?