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Still bitter? Conor McGregor claims UFC 200 'bombed'

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Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

By now it's well-known Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lore: Conor McGregor refused to meet all of his promotional duties ahead of UFC 200 last month and Dana White and Co. removed its biggest box office draw from the historic bicentennial pay-per-view (PPV) event.

Jon Jones was happily inserted into the main event opposite Daniel Cormier in a anticipated Light Heavyweight title unification match, only to find out during fight week that he had flunked a pre-fight drug testOr did he? Adding insult to injury, Brock Lesnar -- who was supposed to be a bigger superstar than McGregor -- was also tripped up by United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) after he had earned a decision win over Mark Hunt in the co-main event of the evening.

In hindsight, UFC 200 turned out to be a complete cluster fuck. And McGregor and his team did not mind reminding UFC that it was a mistake to remove McGregor from the event. McGregor -- whose rematch with Nate Diaz was pushed to UFC 202 this weekend -- didn't hide his feelings late last week when asked about Jones and Lesnar.

And "Notorious" served up another reminder in a recent interview with "GQ" magazine

"People spend a lot of money to come see me fight from my hometown, and they had already purchased tickets, so I wanted to get back on that card," he said. "They weren't having it. They didn't put me in the card — that's okay — and the card bombed. I was ringside. The fights weren't great, but now here we are."

Maybe it was the yellow canvas?

While company executives predicted that UFC 200 would be its "biggest event," it would never reveal if the show did (or did not) exceed expectations. McGregor, though, seems very tied into the business side of things, and while he may not be privy to exact figures, he might be right that UFC 202 trumps UFC 200 once the dust settles.

He doesn't call himself "Mystic Mac" for nuthin.'