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Video: Nick Diaz gets into heated argument with USADA rep because he just wants to go to sleep

It appears that enforcing enforcing the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) program on behalf of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is becoming one of the more difficult -- and dangerous -- jobs in mixed marital arts (MMA).

Especially when a tired Nick Diaz is involved.

Diaz -- who earlier this month was emancipated from an 18-month suspension from the sport -- had quite the conversation with a USADA representative, who was seemingly attempting to pin down his location so that she could administer a random drug test. Diaz, however, was tired and agitated, attempting to delay the meeting for about six hours so that he could get his beauty rest.

Cue instant hilarity, although the USADA rep was clearly nor amused. Check out part two below:

Diaz has not competed inside the Octagon since a unanimous decision loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 183 back in Jan. 2015. The result was later overturned to a "No Contest" when post-fight drug tests revealed that Diaz was popped for pot and Silva was sampling sex pills. It's unclear if this incident will affect Diaz's next UFC fight ... if he decides to return to the Octagon, of course.

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