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Jon Jones breaks silence, says he's 'expecting to be back in the Octagon really soon'

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Jon Jones saga is not even close to being over. As the greatest talent to ever enter the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon, it's going to be very tough to keep the former Light Heavyweight champion away from a comeback.

But as Jones gets dragged through the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) process after testing positive for banned substances prior to his UFC 200 title rematch with Daniel Cormier, which Jones got yanked from, what's going to be left of the 29-year-old superstar? And for that matter, when can fight fans expect Jones back?

Leave it up to the pound-for-pound legend to finally break his silence following UFC 200's debacle, reach out to his fans and give an update about his current state of play, recently posting this video to Instagram (courtesy of @SandhuMMA via Twitter):

"I'm sure you guys are curious about what's going on with this USADA situation," said Jones. "Obviously, I can't get into it because it's still pending but what I can say is that we have found out lots of really good news and I am expecting to be back in the Octagon really soon."

"I've been doing really good. I've been training, spending time with family, attacking some of these legal issues that I've gotten myself into, trying to really just leave that all behind once and for all."

While Jones didn't reveal all that much about his ongoing battle with USADA, it seems as if the UFC superstar has some ammo to throw their way. As someone who has never failed a drug test in his entire mixed martial arts (MMA) career, it's plausible that "Bones" has valid proof to exonerate himself and avoid any potential suspension.

Stick with Mania as more news pertaining to Jones becomes available.

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