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Mark Hunt: UFC rankings are 'fabricated like everything else'

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Hunt hasn’t been much of a fan of all things mixed martial arts (MMA) as of late. After going nuts on United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA), his employers over at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Brock Lesnar for the handling of "Beast Incarnate’s" failed drug tests after UFC 200, "Super Samoan" is now bashing the rankings system.

After a fan pointed out to Hunt that Lesnar -- as well as Jon Jones — was removed from the official UFC rankings list following his recent transgression, the fearsome striker wasn’t impressed.

Not exactly the type of disciplinary action he was looking for, apparently.

Then again, Hunt isn’t the first to clown on the relevance of having official rankings, especially when it comes to handing out title shots.

Dan Henderson was recently gifted a shot at Middleweight champion Michael Bisping at "The Count’s" request, despite the fact that he sits at No. 12, while other top contenders such as Ronaldo Souza (No. 3) were left sitting in the dark with no one to play with.

What a "joke!"

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