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Robbie Lawler: No excuses, Tyron Woodley caught me with the ‘o’l T-Wood bomb’at UFC 201

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Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Robbie Lawler has never been one to make excuses.

And after getting knocked out in the very first round by Tyron Woodley at UFC 201 in Atlanta, Georgia, "Ruthless" isn’t about to stray from his mantra, saying that Woodley simply caught him with the "T-Bomb."

"He caught me with the ol’ T-Wood bomb," "I was just sitting back a little too much, and he took advantage of it. It was his night," he said during the spot-fight presser via MMA Junkie. "I think it’s just a guy who took advantage of a big punch and rocked me and jumped on and finished the job," he said."I’m not going to speculate. I felt great going into the fight, so no excuses."

It just doesn't have the same ring to it as the patented "H-Bomb," but we’ll take it.

For Lawler, what’s next is still up in the air. But when asked if he felt he deserved an instant rematch, he was quick to point out that deserving and getting are worlds apart.

"Obviously, I think that if I went back in there, I would get a win," he said. "Deserve and getting are two different things, but yeah, I feel I deserve something. But we’ll see if I get it."

Plus, there’s also Woodley wanting "big money" fights against Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre, so a do-over against Lawler is the furthest thing from his mind. And there’s a certain Karate champion chomping at the bit to get his own crack at the 170-pound title, too.

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