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UFC 201 results: Jake Ellenberger blitzes Matt Brown, scores first round upset via liver kick

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

No. 9-ranked Welterweight contender Matt Brown was out to begin his journey back to the top of the 170-pound ladder at UFC 201 tonight (Sat., July 30, 2016) inside Philips Arena in Atlanta, Ga., taking on the struggling Jake Ellenberger, who has lost five of his last six matches inside the Octagon dating back to July 2013.

Make it five of his last seven, as Ellenberger was able to score the upset -- and improbable first round finish -- of one of the division's most durable veterans.

Ellenberger came out hot, drilling Brown with a huge right hand that sent him crashing to the canvas immediately. Brown somehow remained conscious -- and avoided getting finished from a barrage of strikes on the ground -- to ultimately get back to his feet. Ellenberger landed another significant shot, but Brown was able to eat it and come back with a hard shot of his own that clearly dinged "Juggernaut." But Ellenberger was able to land a crippling kick to the liver as Brown looked to to exact some revenge. Brown was hurt bad, turtling up on the canvas as Ellenberger boxed his ears until the referee pulled him off.

Brown remained curled up on the canvas well after the fight was stopped -- Ellenberger was able to find the sweet spot on his mid-section that sealed his first victory since a submission of Josh Koscheck way back in Feb. 2015. It's unsure what the future holds for the 31-year-old fighter, but he lives to compete another day inside the Octagon with a huge career-saving victory this evening.

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