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WSOF 32 live results stream: 'Moraes vs Hill 2' play-by-play updates tonight on NBC Sports

World Series of Fighting

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 32: "Moraes vs. Hill 2" airs live on NBC Sports Network TONIGHT (July 30, 2016) from Xfinity Arena in Everett, Wash. The NBC Sports Network-televised show will feature two rematches with two world titles on the line. Marlon Moraes will make his fourth Bantamweight title defense against Josh Hill, while new Featherweight champion Alexandre Almeida squares off with former champ Lance Palmer for a second time.

In addition, WSOF has booked a sibling rivalry for primetime television as Caros Fodor faces off against brother Ben Fodor, better known to the mixed martial arts (MMA) world as crime fighting caped crusader Phoenix Jones.

All of the action-packed WSOF 32 televised bouts air this evening on NBC Sports Network, starting at 10:30 p.m. ET! will deliver LIVE results and real-time play-by-play coverage of WSOF 32: "Moraes vs. Hill 2" below, including quick results of the "Prelims" undercard action that starts online at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 32) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Marlon Moraes vs. Josh Hill -- Moraes KO 0:38 R2.
Alexandre Almeida vs. Lance Palmer -- Palmer via 49-46, 48-48, 50-45.
Caros Fodor vs. Phoenix Jones -- Fodor UD 30-26 X3.
Phil Hawes vs. Louis Taylor -- Taylor via sub (guillotine) 2:15 R2.
Hakeem Dawodu vs. Marat Magomedov -- Dawodu TKO 2:03 R2.
Rex Harris vs. Nicolai Salchow -- Harris UD 30-27 X3.
Andrews Nakahara vs. Travis Doerge -- Nakahara via TKO 0:55 R1.
Matt Kovacs vs. Bill Widler -- Kovacs via TKO 4:22 R1.
Patrick Benson vs. Brett Malone -- Malone via sub (RNC) 4:20 R1.
Matt Coble vs. Colt Hausauer -- Coble via sub (RNC) 1:52 R2.
Justin Hugo vs. Tycen Lynn -- Lynn via sub (triangle) 2:17 R1.
Marcos Lopez vs. Joe Elzea -- Elzea via sub (armbar) 4:34 R2.


Marlon Moraes vs. Josh Hill

Round 1: Hill is 14-1 out of Sacramento, California by way of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in the light green trunks. Moraes is 16-4-1 out of Brazil by way of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in the red trunks. Moraes is aggressive early with the kicks as Hill is trying to find his angle of attack. Moraes keeps changing his stance and throws two big kicks to the leg and the head. Hill tries to run in for a flurry. Hill slips and Moraes follows with a right hand. Moraes throws a spin kick. Hill slips again as we pass four minutes but Moraes doesn't pounce. Hill lands a good right counter. Spin kick from Moraes grazes the body. Spinning backfist from Hill doesn't land flush either. Thus ends R1.

Round 2: Moraes knocks out Hill with a right kick to the head 38 seconds into R2 right just as the announcers were trying to interview his teammate Frankie Edgar. THAT'S A WRAP FOLKS.

Final result: Marlon Moraes by knockout 38 seconds into the second round.


Alexandre Almeida vs. Lance Palmer

Palmer is out first in the black trunks with green trim. Almeida has on the yellow trunks. He does a cartwheel after he makes his entrance into the cage. Palmer's record is 10-2 and he fights out of Sacramento, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio. Almeida is 18-5 and he fights out of Las Vegas by way of Brazil. Our referee is John Stanton.

Round 1: Palmer comes in early throwing lefts. Leg kick from Almeida. Palmer doubles Almeida to the ground at 36 seconds but he's caught in an armbar and Palmer has to scramble like crazy to get free. Almeida throws a leg kick as Palmer backs up and considers his options. Leg kick for Almeida lands at 2:36 as Palmer continues to try and get in and out with the left hook. Palmer goes for another takedown and pushes Almeida into the fence but Almeida does not go down and only eats a knee to the body. Palmer presses him again and is trying to get the left leg in to sweep but they wind up trading knees instead and resetting. Palmer lands a good left hand and a kick to end R1.

Round 2: Palmer touches the chin again as both men shift back and forth on their feet in the opening minute. His left hook is set up by a duck that fools Almeida, but neither man is fooled by the kick to the cup Almeida throws after. Palmer is given time to shake it off but doesn't take much before the restart. The left lands again at 1:46. Almeida misses with a roundhouse punch. Palmer is coming forward aggressively at the halfway mark and shoots for a single leg. Almeida muscles Palmer away at 3:01. Almeida with leg kicks that keep landing. Pamer responds with a hard left that makes Almeida back up. Another kick to the cup at 4:38. Almeida is told the next one will be a deduction. Round two ends without any additional drama.

Round 3: Almeida goes right back to the leg kicks. Palmer gets a takedown at 29 seconds but Almeida is quickly up to his feet. Almeida throws a head kick that's checked and Palmer throws a body shot. They circle each other cautiously. Almeida fires off a right that misses. Palmer throws the left to the head again. Almeida kicks the right leg. Right jab by Almeida lands. Palmer with a leg kick. Body shot by Palmer. Leg kick. Palmer comes forward with a lot of body shots and a big left. He's got Almeida backpedaling. Almeida knocks him down with a right hand shot and he thinks it's over so he doesn't follow up immediately. It's not over. Palmer throws a haymaker. Both men shift side to side. Almeida is the one pressing the action in the last minute. Palmer wanted a single leg but it wasn't there. Almeida hunts for the right moment to nail Palmer again as Palmer throws another leg kick. Palmer misses with a left at the bell.

Round 4: Almeida stings Palmer with another right and he goes for a takedown defensively. Almeida shrugs it off. It feels like the fight is slipping away from Palmer now but who knows what the judges are seeing. Leg kick for Palmer, Almeida returns the favor. Almeida stuffs a takedown. Now it's Almeida who complains about a kick to the cup at 2:06 but decides to restart right away instead of taking time to recover. Palmer misses on a body shot and only grazes with a head kick. He gets out of the way of Almeida's big right then lands a left to the head. Almeida charges in but Palmer avoids the flurry. Leg kick for Palmer. Palmer gets a takedown at 4:19 and tries to grab a guillotine but Almeida pulls out. One more round to go.

Round 5: Palmer's corner gave him a laundry list of things to do between rounds and told him it was "must win" for R5. Even if Palmer takes this round I'm not sure he takes the fight. Almeida tags him with a right at 1:14. Palmer ducks a couple of strikes but can't get the takedown afterward. It's as telling as anything in this fight that when Palmer scores those rare takedowns he just can't control Almeida on the ground. Almeida clips him again at 2:43. You can see Almeida's right is cocked and loaded at all times now. Palmer is trying to even things up with lots of leg kicks. A hard right hand for Almeida connects. 20 seconds left. Palmer needs to go for broke. He misses with a spin kick. Did Palmer do enough here?

Final result: The judges score it 49-46, 48-48, 50-45 for the winner and NEW champion Lance Palmer.


Caros Fodor vs. Phoenix Jones

Round 1: Phoenix Jones is in the American flag trunks, his brother Fodor the white trunks. Fodor is 10-5 and fights out of Kirkland by way of Lake Forest, Washington. Jones is 5-1 and fights out of Seattle, Washington. Our referee in charge is Ryan Hoisington. Fodor immediately pushes Jones backward toward the cage and unloading with strikes and knees. Front headlock and more big knees at the 30 second mark followed by a double leg takedown. Jones is doing his best to hold onto the arms and keep Fodor from posturing up but some left hands and elbows are getting through. Jones tries to push off with his feet but Fodor takes half guard and is trying to pull a leg through. He finally slips the leg out for side control at 3:15. Right elbow connects to the head and the two spin around on the mat. Jones gets half guard back but all he can do is defend. Big hammer fists by Fodor. Fodor goes body head with strikes and puts another elbow on his head. This was a one-sided wipeout round for Fodor.

Round 2: Both brothers come out swinging to open the round but Fodor leg sweeps Jones to the ground and he's in side control right away. More right hands to the head as Fodor looks to pin an arm down or lock a submission up. Jones keeps trying to scoot and possibly even push off the fence with his feet but he just spins in a circle as Fodor stays right on top. Jones momentarily traps the head but can't do anything with it. The crowd wants them to stand up and trade and they're booing vociferously. Jones tries a side choke but has no leverage with Fodor in half guard. Fodor gets back to side control and continues to make Jones miserable on the bottom. Fodor gets a full mount at 3:58 but Jones uses it to get back to his feet. The two trade and Jones makes an ill advised attempt at a takedown which Fodor easily stuffs. It's Fodor instead who gets the takedown with 20 seconds left for another shutout round.

Round 3: Fodor gets a takedown so fast in this round that the camera wasn't even zoomed in on the Decagon. Jones landed an upkick on his back but it didn't phase Fodor at all. Jones scrambles and winds up on top at 1:15 and Fodor goes for a heel hook to stop the assault. Jones escapes and Fodor double legs Jones back to the ground at 1:40. He has side control for a while but Jones is up again before we pass the three minute mark, and Fodor takes him down again right after it. Fodor has side control as we enter the final minute, Jones tries to scramble again, but all he can do is move Fodor back to half guard. Jones flails away with wild shots to no effect off his back as the round ends.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-26 X3 for Caros Fodor by unanimous decision.


Phil Hawes vs. Louis Taylor

Round 1: Taylor is in the black trunks and Hawes is in the red. The NASCAR event on NBC Sports ran late so we get no introductions from Jazz Securo. Hawes has taken the center of the Decagon and forced Taylor to counter with the left, and so far it's connecting. Hawes decides he's had enough and gets a takedown at 1:15 but Taylor stands right back up. Hawes tries to take the back with no success. Both men are getting progressively less shy about tagging each other with the hands, but Taylor is able to stuff the second takedown attempt at 2:29 and make Hawes reset. Hawes is trying to fake takedowns now to set up strikes but the left jab and right hook for Taylor keep finding a home. Big exchange at 3:30. Hawes misses with a head kick. Hawes lands two big kicks to the left knee of Taylor. Competitive round for both men.

Round 2: Hawes is trying to land a big power shot in the first minute of R2, but then he settles down and goes for a single leg that pushes Taylor into the fence. Taylor shoves him away and just misses with a right. Hawes shoots for the double at 1:45. Taylor stuffs it and sends Hawes flying backward with a short right, jumps on top for a guillotine, and Hawes is left frozen on the canvas and just barely manages to tap out. Officials surround Hawes to check on him as Taylor celebrates.

Final result: Louis Taylor wins via submission (guillotine) at 2:15 of the second round.


Hakeem Dawodu vs. Marat Magomedov

Round 1: Madomedov is 7-0 with black and white trunks. Dawodu has the black trunks with gold trim and a record of 5-0-1. Magomedov hails from Russia and Dawodu hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our referee is John Stanton. It takes 43 seconds before either man opens up with strikes. Magomedov blocks a head kick but not one to the leg. Magomedov shoots for a single and then for a slam and finally he gets the takedown at 1:26 and jumps to the back looking for a rear naked. Dawodu scrambles but Magomedov hangs on to his back mount. Magomedov keeps trying to get the left arm around Dawodu's neck and Dawodu keeps slipping out. Dawodu tries to sweep but Magomedov gets an armbar on. Somehow Dawodu slips out of it and they wind up back on their feet with 40 seconds left in R1. Dawodu cracks Mahomedov with a knee and a kick to the head and a good punch to finish the round. Magomedov has a cut over his nose.

Round 2: Dawodu is pushing the pace to open R2 and has Magomedov backing up toward the fence. He's landing nice combos. A big knee gets in at 44 seconds. Magomedov's face is acquiring cuts rapidly. Dawodu stuffs a takedown, kicks him in the head, nails Magomedov with an uppercut and another one as he gets back up. Magomedov is a bloody mess and openly running from Dawodu's strikes now. Hard knee to the body lands at 1:45. Magomedov shoots again and the sprawl blocks it. Dawodu rocks him again and the ref waves it off at 2:03.

Final result: The winner via TKO due to strikes at 2:03 of round two is Hakeem Dawodu.


Rex Harris vs. Nicolai Salchow

Round 1: Salchow is 6-0 and fighting out of Boca Raton, Florida by way of Dusseldorf, Germany. Harris is 9-2 out of Sawyersville, PA by way of Wyoming, PA. Our referee in charge is Ryan Hoisington. Salchow is in the yellow trunks and Harris the black. Harris gets a takedown 26 seconds into the fight off a kick. He muscles Salchow to the fence from guard and tries to hammer on him with rights. Salchow bucks him off and goes for a kneebar, Harris escapes and pulls Salchow right back down at 1:56. Now he's got back control. Harris hammers away with lefts to the body and Salchow rolls for the knee a second time, and Harris escapes and gets back on top a second time. Harris would like to cinch a guillotine up but Salchow is defending well. Salchow finally stands back up with 18 seconds to go and tries to roll for a kneebar but can't get it before the bell.

Round 2: Harris has a takedown 17 seconds into R2. Harris is landing the occasional right elbow or left hand on top but Salchow is holding him down a lot of the time. Harris tries to pass and can't and the crowd seems to be getting impatient. Kenny Rice: "This is almost a replay of the first round." Salchow starts to get up at 3:02 and Harris puts him right back down and unloads with left hands. Salchow tries to go for the right leg but Harris escapes and takes back control throwing lefts. Salchow tries to flip over but it doesn't help and he ends up right back on his knees. Right hands from Harris end R2 as the crowd boos.

Round 3: Harris gets another takedown at 38 seconds. Salchow bucks him off but Harris spins right to his back again. Salchow has taken enough shots to the head over the last 12+ minutes that his face is a little bloody now particularly around the right eye. They're stood up at 2:50. Harris gets a takedown at 3:12 and Everett roars their disapproval. Salchow dives for a leg but Harris spins free and takes the back again. The most excruciating fight of the prelims by far. Harris will win the decision but it wasn't any fun to watch.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27 X3 for Rex Harris via unanimous decision.


Andrews Nakahara vs. Travis Doerge

Round 1: Doerge is 5-8 fighting out of Kent, Washington in black trunks. Nakahara is 4-3 in white and he's fighting out of Boca Raton, Florida. The referee is John Stanton. Doerge throws a couple of leg kicks and eats a couple of heavy hands in return. Nakahara has him backed up to the fence and he's dancing in and out looking for the perfect strike. Flying knee connects, Doerge is hurt, Nakahara pounds it out and the ref waves it off at 55 seconds.

Final result: Andrews Nakahara via technical knockout at 0:55 of the first round.


Matt Kovacs vs. Bill Widler

Round 1: Brown trunks for Widler. Black trunks for Kovacs. Widler's record is 9-6 and he fights out of Redding, California. Kovacs is 11-13 and he fights out of Everett, Washington. Our referee in charge is John Stanton. Kovacs and Widler dance around for the first 30 seconds until Kovacs charges forward with a series of shots. Widler turns him into the fence and they trade knee strikes. They break clean at 1:39 after Widler fails to get the fight to the ground. Kovacs fires off lefts. Widler responds with kicks to the left leg. Widler shoots for a single leg and gets hit with some big rights but he completes it and is in half guard on top. Kovacs lands a couple of good elbows off his back but Widler takes full mount at 3:42. Kovacs nearly gives up his back trying to escape but gets up firing heavy shots and gets the stoppage with about 40 seconds left.

Final result: Matt Kovacs wins via technical knockout at 4:22 of the first round.


Patrick Benson vs. Brett Malone

Round 1: Benson gets a takedown in the first 20 seconds and pops out of a possible choke. He's in the red trunks and Malone is in the black. Benson passes and Malone forces him back into guard. Benson tries to pass again and he's stuck. Malone is fishing for a submission. Benson tries once again to pass and ends up in guard, so he stacks Malone up and throws a punch. Malone keeps his legs around Benson's back to hold him in place. If you like the MMA chess game this fight's for you. Benson tries to soften Malone up with a couple of shots to the head. Benson's corner screams that he's got to pass. Benson stands up at 3:40 then dives right back in. They're stood up seconds later and Malone takes him down and takes the back immediately. Malone sinks in the RNC for the tap.

Final result: Brett Malone wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:20 of the first round.


Matt Coble vs. Colt Hausauer

Round 1: Hausauer is in the red trunks and Coble the green. Hausauer's record is 6-4 and he fights out of Eastsound.  Coble is 9-7 and fights out of Bellingham. Our referee is Ryan Hoisington. Coble pushes Hausauer to the fence, throws some knees, then tries to take the back and push across the Decagon. Coble puts him back on the fence for a knee and a left hand. His corner calls for a takedown. Hausauer gets off a few knees of his own as they go back and forth. Coble tags him with some right hand uppercuts. They finally reset to figure things out at 1:50. Coble gets a takedown at 2:13 right into side control. Coble ends up in half guard and then lets Hausauer on top as he fishes for an armbar. Coble's back on top at 3:30. He opts to stand up and reset at 3:44. Coble gets another takedown and has full mount at 4:36. Hausauer wraps his arms around his neck and tries to hold him down until the bell and largely succeeds.

Round 2: Coble gets a takedown 5 seconds into the round but Hausauer goes for an armbar immediately. Coble pulls his way out of it and is on top in guard at 0:28. Coble passes to side at 1:20 and throws a couple of left knees to the body, then jumps to the back with two hooks in and sinks in a DEEP rear naked choke which it appears Hausauer could not even tap out to - the referee steps in to end the fight.

Final result: Matt Coble wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:52 of the second round.


Justin Hugo vs. Tycen Lynn

Round 1: Lynn is in the black trunks for tonight's fight, Hugo the gray and white. Lynn's 10-1 as an amateur making his pro debut tonight out of Everett. Hugo's 1-1 as a pro and he's fighting out of Lacey. Our referee is Steve Newport. Hugo gets a takedown in the first 20 seconds but Lynn is looking for an armbar off his back. He switches from that to a triangle and elbows Hugo in the head. Hugo is in deep trouble. Lynn winds up on top in mount for a second as Hugo tries to roll to escape, but Lynn just keeps cinching up his sub as his corner yells there's a kimura on the left side. He's on top again at the 2 minute mark and finally Hugo has had enough and taps out about 18 seconds later. Jazz Securo will give us the official time momentarily.

Final result: Tycen Lynn wins via submission (triangle choke) at 2:17 of the first round.


Marcos Lopez vs. Joe Elzea

Round 1: Elzea fights out of Everett in his pro debut, 10-3 as an amateur, and wearing the yellow and black trunks. Lopez is 1-0 and fights out of Spokane in the red trunks. Our referee is Steve Newport. Elzea immediately moves to the outside circle of the Decagon and lets Lopez apply the pressure. Lopez ends up out of position and Elzea jumps to his back with one hook in. He's trying to find a rear naked choke but Lopez is defending well and Elzea slides off. Lopez throws some reverse elbows at Elzea's head as Elzea throws a couple of knees and looks for a leg trip. They spin around against the fence jockeying for a dominant position. Elzea backs up throws a bomb takes an elbow to the head and gets a takedown but Lopez is right back up at 3:08 and they break clean at 3:15. Elzea is again backing up and trying to draw Lopez in. He lands a nice kick upstairs as Lopez tries to close the distance. Another high kick from Elzea. Lopez with an overhand right. Elzea kicks the right knee. Lopez closes, Elzea clinches, gets off an overhand right and a couple of knees. It's Lopez who comes forward throwing bombs as the bell ends R1 though.

Round 2: Both men trade kicks to open R2. Elzea shoots for a single leg and tries to take the back off a leg trip -- neither one works as planned immediately. Lopez finally gets tripped to the ground at 1:04. Elzea jumps to back mount as he passes and tries to soften Lopez up with shots to the head. He's going for the rear naked choke but Lopez is able to slip out at the 2 minute mark. Elzea is not giving up though. He goes for it three more times and finally Lopez sweeps his way to the top. Lopez backs out at 3:32 and looks to drop bombs then jumps back into guard. Elzea goes for an armbar and Lopez is trying to fight it off but he gets caught for the tap.

Final result: Joe Elzea wins via submission (armbar) at 4:34 of the second round.


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