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Live Holly Holm vs Valentina Shevchenko fight updates, UFC on FOX 20: Round 5

Slow to start as HH feints and fakes. she might want to start punching. VS goes high with the kick and misses. VS with a 1-2 combination. HH with a left. VS outside kick. Right hook by VS. Back kick misses for VS. HH with a body kick and VS clinches, but HH escapes. Inside leg kick lands for VS. Wheel kick by VS. Counter right hook for VS. HH not doing much to answer. HH superman punch misses.

They trade leg kicks. HH eats a left hand. HH leg kick lands. HH with a body kick. HH kicks her ass. No, really. Right hand by VS. Then a jab. VS misses a back fist. HH goes high, misses. 10 seconds left in the fight and they both flurry. Nothing of note lands.

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