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Pic: Nate Diaz got so huge he may have to fight Conor McGregor at light heavyweight

Is this an optical illusion? Trick photography?

Guys, I think we found the REAL reason the almighty Conor McGregor, a god among featherweights, was unable to beat Nate Diaz -- an alleged lightweight -- when they fought at UFC 196 back in March.

Sure, the UFC 202 promos ahead of their 170-pound rematch have already reminded us that "Notorious" ballooned up 25 pounds to save the late spring pay-per-view (PPV) card, but I don't think any of us realized McGregor was facing a natural light heavyweight.


He's the same size as Chuck Liddell! Look, I know the camera adds 10 pounds but even so, that would only make him a small middleweight so I really have no other explanation for this revelation. I hope he does not miss weight because there is less than one month to go before Diaz has to get on the scale.

Might be time to put the barbell down!

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