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Video: 2016 UFC Fan Expo, International Fight Week behind-the-scenes recap

The month of July always offers mixed martial arts (MMA) fans something to circle on their expanding Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) calendars.

But this year, as UFC geared up for its bicentennial event, UFC 200, MMA fans could experience more than ever before. Not only did the promotion showcase four title fights in total during its 5th Annual International Fight Week, but the 2016 UFC Fan Expo delivered on all cylinders.

Fans were able to experience autograph signings, Q&A with legendary fighters, a massive EA Sports station, former UFC Welterweight champion Matt Serra talking on stage and countless combat tournaments, as well as the fans at home being able to catch the action on UFC Fight Pass.

In case you missed any of the events, MMA Noise has you covered, as host Mike Straka recaps the the biggest week in UFC history (shown above).

From the official Youtube description:

MMA Noise host Mike Straka provides a recap of the 2016 UFC Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada during UFC 200 fight week. Straka highlights expo floor, legends panel, Matt Serra's attpempt to look for a fight, and martial arts tournament.

While the results of UFC 200 may not have lived up to the hype, UFC fans more than likely left Las Vegas, Nevada, satisfied.