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Fabio Maldonado wins appeal in controversial loss to Fedor Emelianenko, but Russian MMA Union won't overturn result

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Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Here's something you probably didn't see coming.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight slugger Fabio Maldonado actually won his appeal with World MMA Association (WMMAA) following a controversial loss to Fedor Emelianenko at Eurasia Fight Nights (EFN) 50 last month in St. Petersburg, Russia.

So, does that mean the result was changed to a draw?

Depends on who you ask.

"The WMMAA can express their views, but do not have the right to influence the judge's decision on the Russian professional promotion," Russian MMA Union Vice President Radmir Gabdullin said (via Bloody Elbow). "This situation I regard as an unfounded attempt to take away a well-deserved victory from Russian legend Fedor Emelianenko."

Gabdullin, one of "The Last Emperor's" cronies, was suspended by WMMAA during the appeal process.

Despite wiping the floor with Emelianenko in the opening frame, to the point where a 10-8 round seemed like a foregone conclusion, only judge Maria Makhmutova scored it as such for the local hero, who eventually won the fight by majority decision (28-28, 29-28 and 29-28).

Watch the replay here.

I'm sure its not that surprising when you consider Emelianenko is President of the Russian MMA Union, the organization charged with selecting event judges and referees.

Look on the bright side, nobody died.