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Pokemon GO: Ronda Rousey secret Pikachu training ahead of UFC return (Video)

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Gotta smash 'em all!

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, a longtime gamer, is getting back to her roots by playing Pokemon GO, a new gaming app that allows players to walk around town to collect imaginary cartoon characters.

Sounds completely normal.

I guess it beats the Pokemon diet, though I can't help but wonder if Nintendo is coming out with a "Rowdy" amiibo.

The never-perfect Olympian was last seen on the receiving end of a head kick knockout courtesy of Holly Holm and as of this writing, does not have a return date for UFC. Initial reports have her coming back in or around December; however, that may change now that Amanda Nunes is running the bantamweight roost.

Especially since Rousey gets first dibs on the title.

So, any fight fans out there playing Pokemon GO? If so, please leave you name in the comments section below so we can point our fingers and laugh at you.