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Live Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt fight updates, UFC 200: Round 3 -- Lesnar wins decision!

Third and final frame, and with Lesnar winning the first and the second a bit of a toss up, Hunt needs to get to work. Hunt opens up with a flurry that back up Lesnar, who immediately shoots in for a single-leg takedown and secures it. In fact, he lands in full mount along the bottom of the cage, drilling him with short left hands as Hunt tries to protect his face. Hunt is now doing a little work from bottom position, but Lesnar moves to his back and starts to box his ears. Hunt takes a huge deep breath as Lesnar secures full mount midway through the round -- Hunt is in major trouble. Lesnar drills him with right hands now as Hunt tries to fire back, but he can't land anything clean or effective. Referee warns Hunt to get more active as Lesnar postures up for a moment, only to put Hunt back in a headlock and punch his face. Lesnar moves to grinding elbows, and hammer fists, as Hunt bucks to get up, but ends up underneath Lesnar as the final horn blares.

Final result: Brock Lesnar defeats Mark Hunt via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

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