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Live Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt fight updates, UFC 200: Round 1

The time has finally arrived for former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, to attempt the impossible: Return to professional mixed martial arts (MMA) after a five-year self-imposed hiatus and attempt to defeat dangerous combat sports veteran, Mark Hunt, in the pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event of UFC 200, which takes place Saturday night (July 9, 2016) from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hunt walked to the Octagon first -- even though he is the favorite -- to the tune of NWA's, "Express Yourself," while Lesnar marched to the Octagon to Metallica's, "Enter Sandman." Two very different entrances and energies, but fitting both fighters and the special occasion.

Once ring announcer Bruce Buffer got through with the dramatic introductions it was go time. Both fighters touch gloves as Lesnar keeps a very safe distance from Hunt's heavy hands. Lesnar faked a takedown, but other than that, there was zero action for the first minute of the match -- very, very cautious on the part of both men. Lesnar leaped in with a wild right and ducked under a Hunt haymaker on his way out. Two minutes in and Lesnar finally went for it, chasing Hunt into the fence and ultimately securing a critical takedown. Hunt, however, was able to wall walk his way up the fence as Lesnar pressed his weight against him until he was able to secure another takedown. Lesnar, in side control, was able to land a few short shots, but as he reached for Hunt's right arm, the Polynesian was able to roll to his knees, where Lesnar landed hard knees and shots, forcing Hunt to make a run for it, only for Lesnar to take him down until the round expired.

Huge round for Lesnar!

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