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Wanderlei Silva: I have 12 of 15 symptoms presented by concussion experts

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Longtime combat sports veteran Wanderlei Silva turns 40 in less than a month.

In addition, the Brazilian has already racked up 49 professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fights during his storied career, one that includes six knockout losses. Not surprisingly, the "Axe Murderer" finds himself suffering from the aftereffects of concussions.

Which makes the recent passing of Kevin Randleman and Kimbo Slice all the scarier, according to his latest Instagram post (translated by Bloody Elbow).

"Rest in peace. Man, first Randleman and now Kimbo, that's scary. It's coming earlier and earlier for my people. We don't know yet all the consequences caused by our profession, or the consequences on your bodies and minds. It's like I always tell my friends, forgetting things is actually good, because you forget the bad stuff, too. Jokes aside, I attended a lecture about concussions and I had 12 out of the 15 symptoms presented by the expert there."

"What can you do? This law that forbids fighters from using IV's is a crime against fighter's brains, because you lose water from your brain when you dehydrate, too. That greatly increases the chances of serious brain damage. I have a lot of friends who are different from before. They are getting kind of crazy. Who is going to look after us? Whoever didn't save some money is going to face some hard times, because we never get any help. We are on our own."

IV hydration was banned by United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) earlier this year.

While it's easy to applaud Silva for bringing to light some of his own personal issues (becoming more frequent these days), it will be hard to support his next fight, especially if it goes down at a heavier weight (his request) in Japan, far from the eyes of stateside commissions.

And while we're on the topic of "scary" news, check this out.