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Frank Mir: A UFC fight with me is going to be a much bigger payday for Brock Lesnar

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Why is Brock Lesnar fighting Mark Hunt?

Probably because the "Super Samoan" was the only top 10 heavyweight available to answer the call for next month's UFC 200 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the rest of the field (see it) was either previously booked or sidelined with injury.

Or in the case of Frank Mir, in hot water with United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

But that doesn't mean Lesnar can't have a rubber match with his longtime nemesis somewhere down the road, if and when Mir decides to resume his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, insisting he can drive fan interest unlike any other heavyweight opponent.

From his official podcast (via MMA Fighting):

"If he's going to step in the Octagon, he's gonna want to get paid as much as he can for that appearance. I mean, he's closing in on 40. So why not a fight with me? A fight with me is going to be a much bigger payday, the two of us together is going to make much more of an impact than him versus anybody else. The storyline just isn't going to be the same. The interest is not gonna be the same. I think even two years from now when I come out of the suspension, a fight with Lesnar is still -- if he still wants to come back again -- is still a huge fight. It's massive because of what he brings to the table, what I bring to the table and the history we have together."

See that lucrative history right here.

While Mir does bring a certain level of intrigue to a Lesnar rubber match, a lot has changed since they last threw hands at UFC 100. Both ex-champs were ranked No. 5 at the time (full top 10 here) and competing for the undisputed title.Since then, Mir is 6-7 and has been knocked out four times.

Lesnar went 1-3 and retired in 2011 for health reasons.

How much interest remains for a trilogy all depends on how well Lesnar performs against Hunt. It's hard to imagine the part-time WWE superstar sticking around if the "Super Samoan" leaves his super unconscious, but then again, it's all about the Benjamins.

Lesnar vs. Mir III ... who wants it?

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