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Bellator MMA: Kimbo Slice showed no medical signs that he was unfit to fight

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Bellator 149: "Shamrock vs. Gracie 3" took place Feb. 19, 2016, at Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Between the main event of Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie and co-main event of Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000, the show averaged a record-setting two million viewers for on Spike TV, peaking at 2.5 million during Slice's fight.

The co-main event wasn't without controversy, though, as both fighters seemed to be working in slow motion for 10 minutes; in fact, Dada 5000 was in such bad shape after a third round technical knockout that he left the cage on a stretcher. His health problems would only get worse from that point on.

The story was not over though after Slice unexpectedly passed away earlier this week, which made countless fight fans and mainstream onlookers alike question how Slice could have been medically cleared to fight earlier this year and then literally be on death's door in need of a transplant just a few months later.

Bellator officials, speaking to TMZ Sports, insist that all necessary medical testing was done and that Slice had to pass both an EKG and EEG to be cleared before he stepped in the cage, neither of which indicated a such a serious heart condition existed.

"If there was ANY sign that Kimbo was not healthy enough to fight, we would NOT have allowed him to fight."

Bellator also went on the record as saying all of the relevant paperwork was on file with the Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation if anyone had doubts that Slice had a clean bill of health going in.

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